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Kumiko the Millennium Sorceress

“Some people say the more tails does a fox have, the more hundreds of years it lives. It is doubtful, especially considering possible accidents or encounters with stupid thugs who are convinced that fox’s tails bring longevity. But the truth is the number of tails represents a magic power we have by nature.” Kumiko snapped her fingers and one of hovering in the air bandits flew away as if from a catapult, “Yeah, it definitely doesn’t bring longevity. And attempts to get them could make it even worse”.
The sorceress made a few steps and stopped in front of another captive.
“And how am I supposed to count? There’s one or two of you?” Kumiko asked rhetorically.
“Why is that?” A levitating two-headed ogre asked, staring at Kumiko with two pairs of eyes.
“Six. That’s how many foxes disappeared in these forests in recent months. And that means… Six of you will never see a sunrise again”.
“Why is that?” an ogre’s second head mumbled.
“Lack of intelligence even for one.” the sorceress snapped her fingers and proceeded to another one, still hearing a distant choir of ogre’s screaming.
Moments later, there’s only one bandit left. There was a little scared to death goblin who was flailing around in the air desperately trying to get out.
“I will tell you everything. I beg you! It was the prince of the Takagi province! He hired us!”
“That’s kind of you. And I was going to let you go. But sadly, betrayers don’t deserve to live.”
She snapped her fingers before the goblin could answer.

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