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Game Mechanics of Melee Fighters

Hello again our dear community. In our previous survey was close battle between Melee Fighters and Range Shooters, with 7% difference Melee Fighters won, therefore we are glad to present this article about Melee Combat mechanics

Image 1. Survey result

 In world history, before invention of gunpowder and guns, melee fighters always were the most common troops in army, whether there were swordsmen, spearmen or chivalry, or many other kinds. Majority outcomes of battles were resolved by strength of melee fighters, smart combination of each kind of troops in the army and tactical/strategic commanders’ decisions about deployment, movement and way of battle at all. Here, in “Legends of Signum”, we haven’t thousands and thousands armies of soldiers, every our creature is really unique, having its special history and remarkable own appearance, but still, we have kept this spirit of epic tactical battles, so melee combats and strategy will be ones of the most important factors in the game.

Image 2. Melee fighters of different factions are prepared to fight

 There are many different possible mechanics in melee combats. With such approach, every soldier will be unique, and that will require special attitude to everyone. Each battle will be inimitable even if playing with only one deck. The most decisive factor in the game will be your solutions at every situations. Imagine yourself as a leader on the battlefield, from which will depend a fate of your army and your faction.

First of all, we will show you how is going common melee fight between two miniatures:

Image 3. The Battle between Goliath and Babu

Goliath and Babu, two strong melee fighters from different factions with the same stats (Strength: 3; Movement: L; Health: 5;) and very different abilities.

 -Goliath has Rush (can move upon summoning);; Flight (can move through impassable terrains and miniatures within movement distance); Stalwart – in the very new version it will be Fortitude (creature with Fortitude will always have successful melee attack on “Axe” and “Shield/Axe” rolls as all unwounded melee fighters, wounded creatures without Fortitude will have successful attack only on “Shield/Axe”); and Chase 1 (miniature with Chase, after killing opponent’s character can move and attack any opponent’s creature within S distance).

 -Babu Bogatur has Slow (cannot use Run ability); Cautious 1 (after assigning its dice into attack or defense – creature with this ability will always assign at least 1 die into defense); Master of Defense 1 (creature can reroll 1 unsuccessful defensive roll) and also Fortitude – successful hit of wounded creature in melee combat will be on “Shield” only, but creature with Fortitude always will have successful hit on “Shield” and “Axe” rolls, as every unwounded creature in melee combat).

One on one it will be a close fight and it is very difficult to predict who will win here. Their summoning costs aren’t cheap and require some expensive buildings to be built before. Thus, Goliath cost “Barracks” (2 Prosperity), “Shooting Range” (4 Prosperity) and “City Hall” (7 Prosperity); Babu, in turn, cost “Arena” (6 Prosperity), “Barracks” (2 Prosperity) and 1 “Any building”. As you see on image 3, they are in contact with each other and that means melee fight between them. They both have Strength 3, so they have 3 dice to assign into attack or defense as they need. We consider Babu attacking Goliath, this order signifies, that Goliath (a defender) will assign its dice first, and only after that, Babu (an attacker) will declare its assigning. Goliath assign all three its dice into attack. Babu’s decision to assign 2 dice into defense and 1 die into attack.

Take a note: despite the fact Babu attacked Goliath, both creatures’ attack occurs simultaneously, so if they will make killing hit to each other – they both will die.


Image 4. Goliath (left side) and Babu (right side) rolling their attack dice

At image below, you see the results of attacking dice rolling of both characters. Goliath has 2 hits at Babu, and Babu’s attack was unsuccessful. Now, after they have attacked, we need to move into defense phase.

           Take a note: defensive phase goes after attacking and creatures defending only from successful opponent’s creatures hits, Goliath used all its dice into attack, so even if Babu’s hits was successful, Goliath wouldn’t be able to defend from it.

Image 5. Rolls results: Goliath receive Shield/Axe and Axe – 2 successful hits. Babu have rolled only one attack die and receive Bullseye – unsuccessful hit.

Babu is defending from 2 successful Goliath’s hits:

Image 6. Babu’s defending

Babu receive 2 “Axe” rolls (right side), but for defense it is necessary to roll “Shield/Axe”. Babu has Master of Defense 1, so it can reroll 1 unsuccessful defense die. We consider this reroll as unsuccessful as well, so Babu receive 2 wounds and you can see wounds markers at image 6 (right side).

After a little while, the situation in their fight is close to its end. Babu has 4 wounds and after next successful hit from Goliath, Babu is moving to rest and its card placing to the Graveyard. We remember Goliath’s Persecution ability, so after killing Babu, Goliath moves within S distance and attack another opponent’s creature.

Image 7. After killing Babu, Goliath using its Persecution ability

Take a note: in ability Persecution, “1” is the possible number of chasing, which can be used. Thus, after killing the second character using Persecution, impossible to move and attack further.

            The next interesting situation between Makoto and Isamu. As you see at cards descriptions, they both take big advantages if Rock terrain is on the Battlefield. Master of Attack/Defense X means that a creature can reroll up to X unsuccessful attacking/defensive dice once per turn.

Image 8. Makoto against Isamu near Rock terrain, both have their advantages caused of terrain

Isamu’s ability Charge allows to increase stats while Isamu attacks upon movement, so it will gain +2 Strength.

Image 9. Illustrated example of Charge

Makoto is in trouble, because it is hard to survive from such an impact. Makoto’s ally Adberd is going to help. Adberd has an ability Defender, which means any opponent’s characters in contact with Defender will attack it first and foremost.

Image 10. Adberd with its Defender ability, also it has Aura S, which prevents all friendly creatures within S distance from 1 successful opponent’s creatures Shot

A little later, Adberd decides to leave the contact with Isamu. When leaving a contact, creature will receive Backstab from opponent’s creature. For this, opponent’s creature rolls one die and on “Axe” or “Shield” – a creature, who has leaved a contact receive one damage and cannot defend from it.

Take a note: some creatures have Agile; characters with this ability cannot be a target of Backstab.

Image 11. Adberd running from a battle with Isamu and receive Backstab

            Next moment in a battle between Inquisitor Atticus and Borgan the Crusher. Atticus is melee fighter with magic ability Magical Strike 1, which means when it rolls 1 die in melee combat – nobody can defend from its successful hit. Borgan has Expert of Attack 1 and Contract.

Image 12. Atticus vs Borgan

Expert of Attack/Defense X means if a creature with this ability will assign all its Strength dice into attack/defence – it will receive X additional Strength dice into attack/defense. Contract [text] to activate [text] ability, creature’s owner needs to pay 1 prosperity.

In melee fight between Alfred and Pigon there is also an interesting ability. Pigon has Initiative. Battle with Initiative creature take place with common melee combat rules with dice assigning, but a creature with initiative always deal its damage first, so if a character dies after damage from Initiative creature, dying character will not deal its damage at all.

Take a note: if both creatures, fighting each other, have Initiative, melee fight occurs with common melee combat rules.

Image 13. Alfred against Pigon

Among abovementioned abilities, you can also find creatures with Veteran, they are experienced warriors and have seen a lot of things in their way. They will be very difficult opponents for other creatures. Creature, who fighting in melee combat with Veteran, is required to reroll one time its successful hits.

Image 14. Veterans in “Legends of Signum”

That is it, as you see there are a lot of different creatures’ abilities even in simple melee combat. It is impossible to imagine the number of possible tactics, mechanics, using different characters, Heroes and their strategy in Legends of Signum.

Yes, some of people will say that here random dice rolls will be decisive, but it is not. The most decisive factor will be tactical skills of players. Many abilities allows to reroll different rolls results, which immediately increase probability. You can also use attacking aggressive style, be defensive pragmatist or middle way, keeping wise balance between attack and defense.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about these mechanics, we would be glad to answer.

In Legends of Signum all is up to you! Good luck on the Battlefield and until the very next time our friends!