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Range Shooters

   It is the next article devoted to combat mechanics in Legends of Signum. Here we will have a detailed look at range shooters – no less important battle unit in Signum world. First of all – the main rules of shooting.

   Rules of range shooting

   Let’s take a look, how goes on range attack. If a Shooter haven’t moved this turn and it stands within XL distance to its opponent – this Shooter can declare ranged attack. For this, it rolls as many dice as many number of Shooting it has.

    Image 1. Thinar shoots in Jarvis, example of shooting

  Thus, “Thinar, Hitter Without a Miss” has Shooter 2 (the number is indicated near “bullseye” sign), so if this ability wasn’t increased by any buffs, this creature has 2 dice for ranged attack.

Image 2. Thinar’s dice rolls

   As you see on the image, Thinar rolls 2 dice and get “Axe” and “Bullseye”, that means Thinar has 1 successful shot. Thinar’s opponent – Jarvis has the opportunity to defend against shooting, so Jarvis can roll as many dice to defend as many successful Thinar’s dice were rolled.

Image 3. Jarvis roll to defend from shooting


   Jarvis has got “Shield” in his roll – it is the only option to defend against it (“Axe” and “Bullseye” means unsuccessful defense), Jarvis has not received any damage and “Hitter Without a Miss” missed two times in a row.

Types of range shooters

   In Legends of Signum you will find many range shooters, which are necessary when you need to shoot the enemy from distance, prevent their possible attacks into your lines and other useful tasks. For such different objectives, in the game presented different types of range shooters. Each of which require special attitude to itself and its using is necessary for different situations on the Battlefield.

1) Common shooters:

Image 4. Common shooters, the most commonly encountered range attackers

   Common shooters probably the most populous range shooters in the game, they can shoot within XL distance, but if they don’t have “Quick Shooter” ability – they cannot move this turn.

               Image 5. Shooter (on the right side) cannot reach an ogre                     Image 6. Both shooters(left and right) can reach each other

   Their attack will be successful only when rolling dice gives “Bullseye”, any creature can avoid damage from successful attack, for this, they need to roll “Shield/Axe”. Shooters with Master of Shooting can reroll the number of unsuccessful rolls, indicated on Master of Shooting amount.

   There is also a very special ability of some shooters – Quick Shooter. This ability allows to shoot after the moving. Be careful, it is very mobile and dangerous, and sometimes even hiding behind barriers will not save you from range attack. Usually these creatures not very fast, so they need to be attentive to avoid catching in the trap.

Image 7. When the Rocks will not save Zenobia from Quick Shooter

2) Magical shooters:

Magical shooters are range shooters with magical powers. They have the same rules in range attack as common shooters, but the only difference that nobody can defend from their successful magical hit. Thus, it is better to hide behind terrains or stay away and to find a way to catch them. Among them, you can find mages with Battle Mage ability – it is an analogue of Quick Shooter for mages.

Image 8. Wise and dangerous wizards

3) Throwers:

    Throwers are another range attack creatures. They cannot shoot as far as shooters (only within L distance), but more accurate – successful throw will be on “Axe” or “Axe/Shield” rolls.

Image 9. Throwers, using spears and even the cards for Throwing

 Interventions of different terrains and buildings for shooters

 Currently, in the game 8 different terrains, 2 common for both factions (Forest and Rocks) and 3 special terrains for each faction. With smart approach, this terrains, besides their special useful properties, can block opponent’s straight moving, block their range attacks and also give you an opportunity to reroll your defensive rolls against shooting.

Image 10. Terrains examples

Image 11. Thinar cannot see Jarvis because of Rocks on Line of Sight

   Some of them, like Forest and Sinister Catacombs, give Defense against Shooting to each character in contact with this terrain. Defense against Shooting means that the owning player can reroll any failed rolls to defend against Shot or Throwing one time per each successful ranged attack once per turn. In case of a Magical Shot, the creature receives a single defense die, as if it were a target of a Shot, following standard ranged attack rules.

   Other terrains, such as Magical Spire or Rocks block Line of Sight, so it is impossible to shoot across them (you can avoid this penalty only by spells or special abilities). There is also a characters, which can gain additional effects if necessary terrain is on the Battlefield.

Image 12. Characters, which receive additional buffs if relevant terrain is on the Battlefield

 At last, buildings, they can be tapped not only for summoning characters on the Battlefield, but also to increase a power of existing characters or even to shoot without Line of Sight.

Image 13. Buildings, which can be tapped to increase Shooting potential

  To give a character additional Shooting/Throwing/Magical shooting or to give Master of Shooting/Throwing/Magic this turn, or just to use this building for other objectives (summon a character, play a spell/tactic/relic, place a terrain) all depends on your decisions.

   We hope this article was useful for you for getting acquainted with another type of combat units in Legends of Signum. As always, feel free to ask any questions about the game under our Facebook post. Thank you for the attention and goodbye until the very next time!