Control abilities

   Previous article was about Shooters and their different types, alongside melee fighters – they are the most numerous amount in the game, other creatures have other special unique abilities and they are not so usual part in common games, but still, they are fighters and ready enter the battle at Hero’s will. As you see on Image 1, the next winner of our survey is Control ability, so let’s see some interesting about it.

Image 1. Survey result

   In the world of Signum hundreds and hundreds years ago some rare people had a skill to hypnotize and temporary take control on the other people minds. Now, in the time of war, their posterity, students and followers continue their legacy. All’s fair in the war, so both factions Vallor and Empire do not hesitate to use them in their armies.

Image 2. Kena, Rowena and Rosalinda – their abilities drive crazy

Image 3. Milady Rosalinda, Geisha Sayuri and Zaira

Wolfen representative Kena is a mercenary, alongside Milady Rosalinda, Geisha Sayuri and Zaira can force an opponent’s creature to skip its next turn, Kena, Rosalinda or Zaira roll “Axe” or “Shield” to do it, Sayuri needs to roll only a “Shield”.


Image 4. Kena, the Sorceress of Ice – wulfen-mercenary

   Kena unlike other abovementioned characters has a bit difference in its ability. Target opponent’s creature cannot move until end of the opponent’s turn. That means it can be activated and, for instance, use Shot, Concentration, Contract, Healing and other abilities, which don’t require moving.

Image 5. Cador, Two Spears, thrower, who can affect on opponent’s creature movement

    There are creatures that are even more powerful, if they roll “Bullseye”, they could manipulate their enemies this turn, so try to avoid their possibility of mind controlling, otherwise you can even lose from the hand of your characters, this ability is called Control.

Image 6. Rowena with her mind control ability

     Control Х, activated ability, impact — take control of an opponent’s character within Line of Sight. Roll X dice, on at least one “Bullseye”, a targeted opposing character within XL distance goes under your control until end of your turn and can be activated.

   That means a creature with Control ability works as a shooter, but this creature with successful “Bullseye” roll will manipulate targeted enemy character and can make with him any possible (by targeted creature) acts. It will be useful to force an opponent’s character to attack another opponent’s creature or move it far away from important Battlefield areas, or even to place this character near dangerous special buildings, such as Magical Spire.

Image 7.  Magical Spire, which can make a damage to any creature within S distance from it

   However, not only characters have the possibility to have a temporary control over opponent’s characters. There are some spells, tactics, relics and even buildings, which have similar properties.

Image 8. Support cards and building for manipulations over characters

   Thus, Thief’s Cloak and The Storm Blade are relics, which properties can be used after its equipment by a Hero and meeting necessary conditions.

   Thunderbolt is a spell, which require additional building to be constructed in player’s city zone to take advantages by skipping targeted creature’s next turn besides dealing common damage described on the card.

   Weapons Sale is a tactic card – this is another special types of cards which after been played are placing in the game face-down and waiting for an opponent to meet described condition. It’s kinda “secret cards”, so an opponent can see when this card was played, but doesn’t know what exactly until he meets the necessary option. Weapons Sale will work when an opponent will summon a character, and it will skip its next turn if Guild of Merchants was constructed in the city zone of a player, who played this tactic card.

   Unique building The Prison of Thousand Screams – legendary Vallor prison, where Brissa de Molforn was prisoned and which is mentioned in the history of Signum many times. Only for 3 prosperity a player can construct it in their city zone and from now on, they can tap this building and roll a die in efforts to force target enemy to skip its next turn. Considering unlimited distance if compare to characters and unlimited number of using if compare to support cards – very useful, isn’t it?      

   And the last one it is impossible to not mention about – Tibo de Bazan, Master of Coin. The Hero, one of the six chosen ones, who are ready to led player’s army. When an opponent’s creature is within S distance to Tibo – opponent can has some problems, because from that moment, this creature needs to roll a die when activate itself and one of the Tibo’s options is to force it to stop creature’s acting and skip this turn.

Image 9. Tibo de Bazan – one of the mighty Heroes, who can control other creatures

   Accordingly, in Legends of Signum the players can not only aggressively fight with each other, but also to try manipulate opponent’s creatures and to take advantages of this. This will be very popular among “control/slow” players, who do not want to force the issue, but to play accurately focused and using all possible methods to win, even by manipulating enemy creatures.

   As always, we are glad that you read this article and we hope it was useful for you. As you can see, you can use innumerable cards and strategies to create your own deck, but take a note, that 40 cards are a maximum in your deck, so the deck needs to be built with accurate and wise approach. Good luck on the fields of Signum! Until the next time!

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