Legends of Signum, Rules

Combat mechanics in Legends of Signum

  In “Legends of Signum” there are two win conditions in the game: 

   1) Killing the enemy hero;

   2) Accumulating victorious amount of prosperity points (51 prosperity).

   Here in the game you cannot avoid combats forever, so combat skills will be no less important in the game as economical part. Let’s see how exactly you will fight on the Battlefield in “Legends of Signum”.

1. Creatures’ Movement:

Image 1. Movement distances

   As you can see, there are four movement distances: S, M, L and XL. Each creature, depended on their parameters, can move within mentioned distance. If they are not Slow, creatures also may use special movement ability Run and increase their movement on 1 level, but after Run they cannot use any other abilities. Thus, Brissa de Molforn (basic movement – M) can move further, but after that, she cannot use Quick Shooter ability (Shot after the movement).

Image 2. Brissa de Molforn considering use Run ability

2. Creatures in combat:

 In the battle, you will meet many different creatures, everyone has their own special abilities and way of combat. Some of them prefer melee combat, being good fighter or strong defender, some of them are shooters or throwers, who do not prefer close combat, but shooting from distance.

  Image 3. Mighty defender, brave fighter and range shooter, brightest representatives of each combat style

    In any case, throwing of dice will be determinant in battle result, so beyond your tactic skills, the luck is also will play its role on the Battlefield. There are three types of sides in the dice: Axe, Shield/Axe, Bullseye and each side is important in certain moments of corresponding type of attack.

   Let’s take a closer look on the creatures and their combat styles:

Range Shooters:

   There are many types even of range shooters, each with its own unique style and style of playing.

   Common Shooters

Image 4. Common shooters, the most commonly encountered range attackers

   Common shooters probably the most populous range shooters in the game, they can shoot within XL distance, but if they don’t have Quick Shooter ability – they cannot move this turn.

Image 5. Shooter (on the right side) cannot reach an ogre                                     Image 6. Both shooters(left and right) can
                                                                                                                                                                     reach each other

   Their attack will be successful only when rolling dice gives Bullseye, any creature can avoid damage from successful attack, for this, they need to roll Shield/Axe. Shooters with Master of shooting can reroll the number of unsuccessful rolls, indicated on Master of Shooting amount.

   There is also a very special ability of some shooters – Quick Shooter. This ability allow to shoot after the moving. Be careful, it is very mobile and dangerous, and sometimes even hiding behind barriers will not save you from range attack. Usually these creatures not very fast, so they need to be attentive to avoid catching in the trap.

Image 7. When the Rocks will not save Zenobia from Quick Shooter

Magical Shooters

    Magical shooters are range shooters with magical powers. They have the same rules in range attack as common shooters, but the only difference that nobody can defend from their successful magical hit. Thus, it is better to hide behind terrains or stay away and to find a way to catch them. Among them, you can find mages with Battle Mage ability. This is analogue Quick Shooter for mages.

Image 8. Wise and dangerous wizards


    Throwers are another range attack creatures. They cannot shoot as far as shooters (only within L distance), but more accurate – successful throw will be on Axe or Axe/Shield rolls.

Image 9. Throwers, using spears and even the cards for Throwing

Stealth Characters

    Among other unites, there are also Stealth characters. They cannot be attacked in melee combat or range attack. Firstly, they must be detected. Detection performing by two options: If opponent’s creature go in contact to Stealth character, he roll a die and on Shield/Axe hidden character loses his stealth marker and became visible. The second option can be performed only by creatures with magical strike. Rules are the same as in previous, but within XL distance.

Image 10. Stealth characters

   Creature with Stealth can be targeted with spells. They lose stealth token, if they declare range or melee attack, also they can impede movement of other creatures even being stealth.

Image 11. Ajax cannot move further because of stealth character on his way


   Among warlike warriors, there is the creatures with healing ability, who will support you while the main characters will be involved in battle. All creature with Healer working exactly as common shooters’ range attack rules – they can heal within XL distance and roll Bullseye means successful healing. Of course, they are not fighters and especially in melee combat they will not be useful, so keep them behind your main army.

Image 12. Michelle Gazzini, Cassandra and Belinda – one of the best healers in Legends of Signum

    Empire with their godlike grypharims have in their army more healers, but Vallor has a healer with unique ability – his failed healing deals 1 wound, so he can use this ability for opponent’s creatures, depends on the game situation.

Image 12. Michelle Gazzini, Plague doctor – can heal as well as do harm

Mind controllers

   In the world of Signum hundreds and hundreds years ago some rare people had a skill to hypnotize and temporary take control on the other people minds. Now, in the time of war, their posterity, students and followers continue their legacy. All’s fair in the war, so both factions Vallor and Empire do not hesitate to use them in their armies.

Image 13. Kena, Rowena and Rosalinda – their abilities drives crazy

   Wolfen representative Kena is a mercenary, alongside Milady Rosalinda they can force an opponent’s creature to skip their next turn, Kena or Rosalinda roll Axe or Shield/Axe to do it.

   There are creatures that are even more powerful, if they roll Bullseye, they could manipulate their enemies this turn, so try to avoid their possibility of mind control, otherwise you can even lose from the hand of your characters, their ability is called Control.

Image 14. Rowena with her mind control ability

Melee Fighters:

   Melee combats most likely will be the decisive factor in whole battle, so you need to choose attentively fighters for it. Practice shows that range characters are only support for the melee units on the battlefield. These fighters could be brave warriors, dealing a lot of damage, strong defenders, preserving other from attack or just the cannon fodder, who will deflect attention.

Image 15. Commander Ajax – one of the most dangerous melee fighter

    Rules of melee combat are quite easy. Both players need distribute dice (the number of dice equal to the number of characters’ Strength) in defense and attack. Axe or Shield/Axe means successful attack, but if attacking creature is injured, successful attack will be only on Axe roll (creatures with Fortitude ignore that penalty). For successful defense, it’s necessary to roll Shield/Axe.

    The player, who under attack distribute their dice first, after that, attacking player distribute their dice.

Image 16. Glan-Mor in melee fight with Queen Zenobia

    As you can see, in the world of Legends of Signum there are a lot of different creatures with their combat styles and own special abilities. Each player have to choose them in their army and it gives numerous variants of tactics and strategies in the game. As it said, create a legend – weave the myth, in Signum world will be only one, who can be proclaimed the only lord of Signum, all is up to you!

   In the next article we will take a closer look on melee combat system and many possible interesting mechanics there, so until the very next time!