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Baron Morvet Craw

It is difficult to remember why the first of the Craws received the title of baron, but since his time there have been no successful businessmen or great warriors in the family. Until Morvet Craw was born. The last representative of an already completely ruined family, he dreamed of devoting himself to studying the secrets of death, but in Vallor they always treated necromancy with contempt, and the young man had to give up his dream.

– Remember, my boy, you must become irreplaceable! – His father admonished him before his death, – Irreplaceable! This is the only way to achieve something in Vallor!
Believing that people are primarily concerned with health, Morvet studied the art of healing. But patients did not approve of the innovative methods of treatment of the young genius, increasingly preferring to use the services of Michelle Gazzini. Over time, most of his practice was made up of terminally ill, desperate, and even insane asylum patients.

Once Morvet was called to an elderly merchant, one of his few wealthy clients.
– He must wake up! – Begged relatives who could not find a place for themselves. – If he doesn’t speak, we’re lost!
One of the old man’s daughters fell on her knees in front of Morvet, begging to bring her father to his senses even for a minute. It turned out that the merchant made a risky deal, investing all his fortune in a sea expedition, and got sick when he received news of incredible profits. Unfortunately for his relatives, he hid the contract so well that no one could find it.

– If you help us find out where the papers are, we’ll give you a sixth of the profits! – The eldest son of the merchant promised, tearing his sister away from the healer.
– Late! – Interrupted his second son, leaning over the bed. – Father is no longer breathing. It is the end for us.
Baron Craw looked at the heartbroken family and suddenly realized that people value secrets much more than health. He stretched out his hand and, without explaining anything, cut off a strand of hair from the dead man.

– Give me one week, – he said to the heirs and left without saying goodbye.
Six days later the baron returned pale, with black circles under his eyes and with earth stuck under his nails. He went through the whole house to the ink shelf, pulled it lightly and opened the hiding place.
– How did you do it? – Exclaimed the delighted heirs. – How did you find out?

– Your father told me everything, – the baron bowed.
– But he died in silence! – The old man’s daughter did not believe.
– I have more friends among the dead than among the living, – Morvet Craw shrugged casually.
The frightened relatives of the merchant immediately asked the necromancer to leave the house… But three days later they introduced him to the young widow.
– I hope this visit will remain between us, – the lady said coldly, without shaking guest’s hand. – My problem is very delicate.
Baron Craw chuckled and repeated:
– I have more friends among the dead than among the living, milady.

Thus began the story of one of the most famous necromancers of Vallor. The doors of mansions and palaces opened before him, even if the hosts shuddered and twisted their lips in disgust in his presence. He was never forgotten in invitations to the celebrations, even if it was hoped that he would not appear. They tried to kill him, but each time the killers returned to their employers in the form of zombies obedient to the will of the baron. Morvet Craw got rich, but very soon there were no thieves left in the city ready to climb over the walls of his mansion.

– We have gold and connections, – the baron said thoughtfully to his favorite crow, looking from the walls of the besieged city at the clouds of black birds that circled over the trampled field. – But fame is supposed to be earned in battle, right?
– Kar! – Yelled the raven, leaping off its staff and joining its feasting brethren.

Baron Morvet Craw

Earn 10.80 Reward Points

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