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Amber the Elder of Wolfens’ Pack

The daily lives of wolfen can be quite different. There are some packs in Kaendyr which live side by side with elves, and there are packs who actively avoid their attention. There are packs who have maintained the traditional tribal order, and there are packs who have been living in elven cities for generations, contrary to wolfen customs. There are even wolfen who have turned their backs on the moon and have begun worshipping the elven goddess Elenrys. Grim is their fate, just as any who forgets his roots.

Amber the Elder lifted his head towards the pale image of the moon. He was listening to the call, which echoed through the forests, valleys and ravines. It was a howl, calling for an assembly. Chiefs, elders, shamans from all the packs of the valley had to come before the place of an ancient battle. Hearing the call, Amber repeated it, passing it on. All of the pack, gathered around the fireplace, listened attentively.

– They call us to make war on their foe? – One of the younger hunters bared his teeth. – Why should we help the arrogant furless ones and the refuse that serve them? I am sickened to even call them wolfen!

– Your young hot blood speaks for you, Vestar. – Amber sighed. – We have been living side by side with the elves since time immemorial, but have we ever waged war with them? So some of our brethren have adopted their ways, what of it? We are all children of the moon. Even those who no longer remember it.

The young wolfen snorted and turned from the elder towards the fire. Amber smiled, barely noticeably. A fire always burns in a wolfen’s chest, but growing older they gain the wisdom to know how and when to use it.

– Sit closer, brothers. I shall recite you a tale. Many generations ago, invaders came to Kaendyr. They conquered a small part of the elven lands and raised the fortress Kadbrant upon them. After that, they moved into our forests. It was then that Elder Yoran summoned all the wolfen packs to unite and take battle. But he did not expect that his call would also be answered by the elves. Erlitaar the Firstborn herself, queen of all the elven people came to him and offered an alliance. Elder Yoran was wise and accepted the offer. Just as in times of need our tribes united, so did two peoples to stand against a common enemy. The combined forces were enough to send the invaders running back to the continent. But in the last battle, when the united forces breached Kadbrant fortress, Yoran was mortally wounded. Only elven magic allowed him to see victory with his own eyes. Our brother Vestar called the elves arrogant furless ones. But they could have left the elder to die. The war had been won already, but the elves lost two of their sorcerers so that Yoran could have tasted the joy of victory.

Amber looked upon the young hunter. Vestar looked down with shame.

– Remembering your roots does not only mean upholding tradition, but also knowing the history of your tribe. – The elder concluded. – Our duty is to respect the ties that bind us with our people. If the elves call for help, then answering their call will be a matter of honor!

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