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The Tribe of Hobgoblins

Goblin young roamed the swamps in search of food. There hasn’t been much food lately. So little that, they say, even the neighbors in the swamps – the orcs – begged for help to some dark forces. Hobgoblins were above this, which, however, did not prevent especially hot young people from periodically grumbling.

– Yes, how much can it be, troll damn take it?! – It was a young collector who stumbled over a snag and sank headlong into the oily, fetid slurry. – We’ve been rummaging around here all day, and the prey is one and a half toads!

As if in answer to the goblin cries, a swamp troll stomped in the distance. It looked as if the hill, covered with swamp mud, was also dissatisfied with the conditions of life and decided to move somewhere to more hospitable lands.
– Yeah-Yeah! We dig in the mud day and night, we eat toads. – Supported the second. – I heard that in the empi …

The youth did not have time to finish, a weighty cobblestone flew into his head. If the goblin’s green skin weren’t so thick, and the bone weren’t so strong, there would be one less stupid teenager in the swamps today.

– Well, shut!!! – Shouted the eldest of the hobgoblins. He was already in a bad mood because he was put in charge of these brats, and the mention of the goblin empire completely pissed him off. – These weaklings from the empire don’t deserve to be called goblins! Lazy cowards, forgot what it’s like to rely on strength and dexterity, and not on all sorts of clever things! What a difference we, hobgoblins, are the crown of creation!

The elder one obviously saddled his beloved theme and did not even notice that the youth began to disperse from him in different directions. Of course, in some ways they agreed with their kinsman. Goblins from the empire have clearly forgotten what it means to survive in the harsh jungle, they have become softer and weaker. Used to rely on darts rather than arm strength, hiding behind shields rather than face the enemy face to face. In a one-on-one open skirmish, a hobgoblin (as the savages from the swamps called themselves) would have easily defeated an imperial goblin. But during especially hungry seasons, some not the most patriotic hobgoblins looked with envy towards the empire and its well-fed inhabitants.

However, things were about to change soon. The great hobgoblin leader was gathering the Horde to move far beyond the swamp. This call flew in all directions, reaching even the mossy ears of swamp ogres and trolls. To be honest, the hobgoblins were afraid of the last ones, because they knew very well what it meant to be in the way of a battle-mad ogre. But one thing was reassuring for everyone – a great force was gathering, more than ever before. Such a force, according to the hobgoblins themselves, could destroy any empire, could conquer fertile lands, could take away young and strong slaves …

… In the meantime, young goblins scoured the swamps in search of food under the loud cries of the elder about the greatness of the hobgoblin race.

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