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Deck Building Tips part 3. Pontifex Conrad becomes a powerful mage.

Basically, Pontifex is considered a supporting hero that forces his squad to battle, giving them additional advantages on the Battlefield, which means he usually isn’t involved in the battle that much. This time, Pontifex brings his ancient relics to the game, turning into a massive threat to the enemy. Having the best characters of the Empire in the squad, this deck is built around Conrad with the ability of Magical Shooting and necessary support cards… and don’t forget his base strengths. Pontifex Conrad’s relic slots allow him to use three different relics with Magical Shooting at the same time, so once he equips all of them, enemies would better praying.   

The deck is called “Battle Mage Conrad”

(!) – means crucial cards for the main game concept


Herrick, “Burned Dogs”, 17th Infantry Regiment

 — starter set character, it is a basic unit of your squad. At the start of the game, Herrick can distract enemies from Pontifex while you still don’t have key buildings in your city zone and it’s difficult to summon strong characters. On the other hand, in the middle of the game, it still can deal 4-5 damage points if your opponent could decide not to use his attacking forces to attack such a “weak” character.  

Kiros the Midday Sun (!)


— a pretty cheap character that can be summoned on turn four. Furthermore, Kiros is strong enough to pose a danger to your enemies at the early stages. 

Vincent the Oronox Knight (!)


— a quick character with Rush with convenient summoning cost. Vincent has a pretty big number of health points, so Pontifex can wound it a couple of times to activate it again. And if Vincent gets under Pontifex’s Aura, it could attack without penalties no matter how many wounds it has.   

 Reno Damien the Oronox Shooter (!)



— a classic Oronox rider with Rush and a good summoning cost. Its Charge could be kind of useless in this deck, but if to add some shooters, it can make a difference.

Commander Ajax, Templar Seneschal (!)



 — starter set character, one of the strongest characters of the Empire. It stands out for its speed, HP, and Rush. A class building gives it Fortitude and eventually makes Ajax a killing machine. Only because of Ajax, it makes sense to build a deck of strong characters based on City Hall. 

Cassandra, Celestial Healing


 — starter deck character. An early game healer that can be used directly for healing or, thanks to its Flight, number of health points, and huge size, it can be used as a barrier for Pontifex.

Belinda the Healing Hand


starter deck character. Thanks to its price, Belinda can be summoned anytime during the game to save Pontifex or somebody of your key characters. Take note that Pontifex’s Aura doesn’t allow characters to be healed, so they should be more than S distance from Pontifex. 

Tora, Sister of the Order(!) —


— one of the best healers in the game. Almost guarantees you healing 2 health points to characters next to Tora. As well as other supportive units, Tora requires backup. So before the enemy reaches and attacks it, Tora is a perfect supporter for your squad.

Arcadia the Sunrise Knight

starter set character. The combination with healing characters and Healing Altar terrain allows to draw cards that are so necessary for an early aggression. Also, it can be summoned on turn 4-5 along with Kiros the Midday Sun. 

Magnus the Red Inquisitor



— starter set character. Magnus is an important supporting character that together with Rufus the Young Squire gives your quick characters a chance to stay alive and deal damage a bit stronger than usual. 

Rufus the Young Squire

— starter set character. Another one supporting character; having a cheap summoning cost, it helps your Ajax or Vincent to stay alive. If it receives wounds dealt by Pontifex and, at the same time, if it dies within the Sacred Tomb terrain Aura, it returns to your hand, which allows you to use his First Word several times.

11 creatures in total. It’s a good number to create a base of your deck. You can also put additional characters that, for example, have City Hall in their summoning cost, or characters with Magical Shooting to finish off opponent’s characters that wasn’t killed by Pontifex and his powerful relics. 

Support Cards:

(it’s recommended to use 2 copies of each, though you can adjust it on your own)

Sceptre of the Pontifex (!) — relic; jewelry —


— this relic builds the main concept of the deck. With this jewel in hand, Pontifex is changing from a supporting Hero to a strong battle mage that deals wounds to anything that moves.

Crown of the Ancient Dragons (!) — relic; helmet/mask —



— released in Dragon Hunters, it is a neutral support card of Dogs of War faction. Just as Sceptre of the Pontifex it provides Pontifex with ability of Magical Shooting.

Lightning Staff (!) — Relic; banner/shield —


— Similarly to the previous two relics, it also gives Magical Shooting. Take note that all of these relics use different relic slots, which means Pontifex can equip all of them at the same time!

Hero Power (!) — spell —


— starter set card. It is a universal spell that can turn any of your characters into a formidable force on the Battlefield. In this deck, it is usually used in the late game for strengthening Ajax or Oronox Riders to use them for double activation by Pontifex.

Acceleration — spell —

— starter set card. It’s a very nice spell if Pontifex is surrounded and he needs to run away. As an alternate option, it can be used to accelerate just summoned creatures closer to your ranks. 

Chain Lightning — spell —



— direct damage spell. It’s necessary to finish off characters wounded by Pontifex and also to weaken them before their melee attack.

Lost Knowledge — spell —


— starter set card. This card gives you an opportunity to play your favourite support card again!

Retribution (!) — tactic —

— starter set card. It’s a very useful tactic that allows you to save your key character in the game.


This deck is well-balanced and will be a good choice for beginners. It has almost all types of characters and support cards, so here you are able to check out many different abilities during the game. The Lost Knowledge spell will help you to bring back your magic, and reliable characters will make some threats your opponent before Pontifex gained his true power. As always, this is a main concept of the deck, and if you think you can make this deck better in accordance with your preferences, of course, you can adjust it at your own discretion.