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The battle of progress against the Plague sent by the dark forces begins!

Meet new characters who fight the plague using both steam technologies and swords. The League of Plague Doctors will soon begin their fight!
While the nations of Signum are mired in wars, while the magicians confront the demons, a powerful force destroys thousands of people without encountering resistance.
The Plague Lords stand ready to lead their legions of plague-ridden warriors into battle, wielding wicked scythes and foul magic to spread their pestilence far and wide.


Enter a world of darkness and despair with the Lords of the Plague! Behold the twisted and macabre creations of our master sculptors, brought to life in exquisite detail with stunning miniature designs that will chill you to the bone. Dare you add these harbingers of doom to your army and unleash them upon the world? The choice is yours, but beware – once you enter the realm of the Plague Lords, there is no turning back.
The Plague God conquers Signum with an army of rats, crazy cultists, and poisonous miasma.
In this harsh world, before starting treatment, the doctor will have to work by weapon.

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