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Play your cards right!

Hello! Today we want to talk about factions within factions, and also prove that the Plague is cool.

Let’s start with the first point. You may remember two fairly old factions: the Black Sakura clan, led by the two-headed mnemozis Kame-Onna, and the Plague Doctors, led by Master Agnello Cornaro. In the world of Signum, these two factions have never been allies, never fought in the same battles, and were even geographically far apart. Nevertheless, they were united by something in common – the Plague. In fact, both Black Sakura and Agnello and their comrades belong to the same big faction – The League of Plague Doctors. This faction investigates the Plague, fights the Plague, and not surprisingly, skillfully uses the Plague on the battlefield.

By the way, if we are talking about the Plague in the world of Signum, then we should pay attention to our rats. In our country, they are not only carriers of the disease, but also one of the methods of combating it. Moreover, Signum rats are not small squeaking creatures that are useless in battle. They wear armour (sometimes in a very strange way) and are full-fledged combat units.

What does all this mean for game mechanics? And the fact that the characters of Black Sakura and Plague Doctors can be mixed into one common deck. Doctors can weaken enemy characters with infected minion rats, which we wrote about above, or they can infect an opponent with a plague after their death (with the dice roll). On the other hand, they are weak in melee combat (except for the hero), so it is not profitable to put them on the field against melee heroes. And it is precisely this weakness that is perfectly balanced by the Black Sakura warriors – excellent melee fighters who can also throw the plague on the enemy (the infected take 1 damage when attacking). A nice bonus for Black Sakura is a mage hero with a long-range attack, which allows the faction to join the battle on the very first moves of the game.

It turns out that you can combine characters from two factions and end up with a strong deck for both melee combat and range attack and summoning. You can start the fight by summoning rats, continue by transferring the plague to the enemy, quickly close the distance between your own and enemy characters, and unleash a devastating melee attack. It will be very difficult for the opponent to resist against such a deck, and you will not need to come up with tricky combinations to win.

P.S. If you want to know more about the history of the Black Sakura heroes and the Plague Doctors, then you can do it here.

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