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“Legends of Signum II: Warseer” – Solo Campaign

Hi, have you ever had a situation where you can’t find the campaign for a game? Or a spontaneous desire to play right here and now? Especially for such cases, in Legends of Signum II: Warseer, we have created a solo campaign that has become a real challenge and a source of pride for our team.  

A solo campaign is a special game mode in which your opponents are monsters controlled by an algorithm with an element of randomness.  Thus, various events will make adjustments to your tactical decisions.

The campaign uses almost the same rules as the classic PvP mode: character and hero models, battle deck and feat deck. You choose your favourite faction and play a series of battles with increasing levels of difficulty. The mechanics of solo play are designed to give the player a complete sense of authenticity!

We’ve created a variety of exciting scenarios, each with its own set of additional rules, victory conditions and random events, so you’re guaranteed to never be bored.

Solo mode offers different difficulty levels – conscript, veteran and hero – boss battle. We have made sure that every player can find their perfect path to victory.

The campaign is designed to be as replayable as possible, and that is its key feature. Each new adventure will open new horizons and prepare you for even greater achievements.

Missions can be linked into unique campaigns according to a set of rules that will be described in the Campaign Book.  You will be able to create your own campaigns by combining missions into unique adventures. There will be no identical task walkthroughs and each mission will stimulate your thinking and creative problem solving. Your story will be different every time thanks to random generation. Special maps add an element of randomness and complexity to each mission, keeping the game interesting and unpredictable.

After successfully completing a mission, you can use the Victory Points you earn to purchase upgrades. Enhancements come in two types: permanent and one-time. Each will give you an advantage in certain situations and will allow you to deal with crisis situations more effectively throughout the game.

Managing your foe characters will be straightforward and intuitive. We have tried to move away from complex multi-level systems with priorities so that you can focus on the gameplay rather than throwing a bag of cubes at every event that happens on the battlefield.

The solo campaign is the result of our efforts and desire to create something unique. We believe that this project will surprise and delight you as much as it will us. Bravely enter this world of adventure and prove that you ready to accept the challenge!

The mode and the campaign itself are still in the development phase and a lot can change, but one thing is certain: solo campaign to be!
You can back the campaign on Kickstarter now, be one of the first to receive a box of the game, and master many other benefits!

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