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Miniature of Eternal Witch Hunter is on sale now!

Famous monster hunter Conwenn came a long way to find those, who attacked his village. Thirst for revenge made him push forward and perform many feats. One day his determination paid off, and after defeating a powerful vampire he finally found the truth in his diary. In it, he learned about the ambitions of Baron Ravon de Shax, his desire to expand the territories of the cursed kingdom and that he was sending groups of undead to raze border villages. Having returned into a secret hunter’s abode, he pledged a magical oath and sealed it with the dragon blood, so no other magic in this world could break it. Even the death he found in battle with the baron was powerless in front of it. Having been raised from the dead, Conwenn himself became like a monster. But don’t let the looks deceive you. The Eternal Hunter still lurks through Signum, guided by his thirst for vengeance and a powerful magical oath, saving mortals from monsters, albeit terrifying many of them.

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