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Jill, Pixie Trixie Ghost

“Come on, Jill!” One of the girls, who gathered in the courtyard of an old abandoned mansion, pushed her friend to the door. Other girls stood nearby, chuckling. “This divination could work only on the eve of the Last Harvest! If you won’t go, you’ll always regret it.”
“But there are ghosts!” Jill almost cried.
“Don’t be afraid! We all were inside, and there’s nothing to fear.” The other girls nodded in agreement. The snippy girl who was pushing Jill toward the door put a pumpkin mask on Jill’s head. “You are the scariest ghost now.” The girls laughed. Jill moved uncertainly toward the back door of the mansion, and the old stairs creaked under her light steps. Staying at the door, she looked back.
“Remember! You need to go up to the second floor backwards and find a mirror there!” one of the girls shouted to her.
“If you turn around, the ghosts will catch you!” another girl added. Jill sighed and finally entered the mansion.
“What a fool! She bought it!” As soon as the door of the mansion slammed shut behind Jill, the girls in the courtyard laughed even louder and rushed in all directions. And the victim of their joke slowly moved to the stairs leading to the second floor. She tried to see her friends in the courtyard through the windows, but they were too dirty, and the pumpkins on the windowsills blocked the view.
“Pumpkins? If this mansion is abandoned, who brought the pumpkins?” curiosity flashed through the girl’s head. And then she froze, listening. She could hear the howling of the cold wind and the croaking of crows in the street, but there was no sound that would hint at someone’s presence.
“Is there someone here?” Jill screamed and closed her eyes. She stood there for several minutes but there was no answer.
“It must be Betty and the girls playing a joke.” She assumed and moved on. Walking up the stairs backwards wasn’t an easy task, but Jill did it. For a second, she was so overcome with joy that took a sloppy step, stumbled, and fell to the dirty floor.
“Are you okay, child?” The voice made Jill jump up and turn around. A tall Wolfen woman in strange clothes stood right in front of her.
“Sorry! I didn’t mean to disturb you! I didn’t know that someone lives here!” The girl backed away.
“No worries.” The witch smiled, “nobody really “lives” here. These obnoxious girls sent you alone to a haunted house, and they were afraid to even go to the porch. Isn’t that low? Are you not overcome with resentment and anger?” Jill felt angrier and angrier with every word of the stranger. She was really hurt.
“We all were inside…” she remembered the words of one of her “friends”. And she didn’t even blush when she lied.
“Yes.” The fear in Jill’s voice was replaced by anger.
“Don’t worry, child. It’s okay to be angry with those who sent you into the clutches of evil spirits.” The witch smiled wider. The pumpkins on the windowsills slowly turned to her. “We’ll find a way to get even with these girls.”

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