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Developers’ Diary

Greetings everyone and welcome to the Legends of Signum dev diary. Here we will be talking about the process of the game development, as well as planned mechanics and combinations, which we immediately use when creating our new cards.
Before Christmas, our team finished working on additional hunters, that were a part of our stretch goals on Kickstarter, and we could finally focus on developing the second set of Legends of Signum.
Recently we have been working on improving already existing rules, to prepare them for the release of the second set. Thanks to your questions and feedback, we have formed a list of improvements, which are going to be added in the  game along with the new factions release. Also, we now have a subreddit where you can discuss the game and contact us, should you want this.
We remind you, that we already released small hotfixes last summer to fix  some creature’s cards in accordance with the game balance, such as «Ines, Nimble Fingers» and «Javeyd, Lieutenant of the Shadows». Also, take a look at the changes in the support cards «Architect’s Insight» and «Dungeon Map» – they are included in the «Legends of Signum» starter set, which means that every player should have them.
On this note let’s finish with the changes in already existing rules and move to our future plans. As you already know, in the second set two new factions will clash – Union of the Unicorn and Akkary Spider Elves. The story of this conflict and how Akkary Spider Elves have been cursed will be told in the next diaries, so for now, let’s take a look at the classes these factions will have.
Fighting for the Alliance of the Unicorn are Elves, their mighty allies – Wolfens, and specially constructed mechanical warriors – constructs. The Queen of the Spider Forest leads into battle various nests of cursed Elves – each of them has special mechanics. One of their kind use parasites to spawn warriors from the bodies of the fallen enemies, others utilise stealth and powerful attacks if they attack suddenly. Almost all cursed elves will also use poison in one way or another – they could poison the opponent’s creatures, deal increased damage, or successfully block their attacks.
That is all for now, thank you for your attention. In the next diary, we will talk more about the new mechanics of each faction and reveal some of the cards of the second set. Until the very next time!