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Vincent the Oronox Knight

Vincent’s family owned rich lands in the Empire, so his older brother was supposed to have a good inheritance, and the younger Vincent had a glorious knightly path. His father decided to send him overseas to study for the famous Knights Templar.

On the ship that carried him from the Empire, Vincent became friends with Konstantin. And already in the Citadel of the Order, the warrior maiden Naevia joined them. The three young squires studied diligently and supported each other, striving to become knights as soon as possible.

When Konstantin tamed the Oronox, Vincent and Naevia were the first to form the new cavalry. Several years of hard training made it possible to turn wild animals into a powerful striking force of the Templars.

Like a true knight, Vincent perfectly mastered the art of fighting with the lance. He chose a stronger oronox for himself, so that he could withstand a rider in heavy knightly armor. They got along quite well, although the oronox often showed a quarrelsome character, for which he was nicknamed Grumpy. But Vincent is not in vain called Cold-Blooded, he skillfully turns all the ardor of the Grumpy to his advantage.

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