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Ulukku, the Underwater Hunter

Oh, poor old man your horse will die
And we say so, and we know so
Oh, poor old man your horse will die
Oh, poor old man

Ulukku’s hook ripped open the man’s belly, and his intestines caught on the point and flew across the entire deck. Hot blood got into the shark’s mouth, which made the Underwater Hunter’s mood much better. A huge fish-man scattered a bunch of people to the right and left, bit off heads and limbs on the fly and, apparently, got a lot of pleasure from it. In this life, Ulukku loved two things most of all – blood and unpretentious pirate shanties, and today was clearly a day for him. In the process of dismembering opponents, he tightened another verse.

We’ll hoist him up to the main yardarm
We’ll hoist him up to the main yardarm
Say, I old man your horse will die
Say, I old man your horse will die

The task was simple and clear, like the route of a school of trout. Find a small group of smugglers whose ship was found somewhere in the sea, and cut them out. For what? Thus, the Great Underwater Empire of Triton conveyed a message to the inhabitants of the land – not to meddle in its affairs. Recently, smugglers have taken to diving to sunken ships and recovering valuable artifacts from there, for which ones the empire had its own plans. The only moment that slightly upset Ulukku in this task was that at least one of the smugglers had to remain alive in order to convey the message to the others. Alive, though, didn’t mean whole.

A dozen poorly armed men stood no chance against a huge bipedal shark armed with three whaling hooks and could be killed in a couple of minutes, but the Underwater Hunter was bored. He also suffered from a hangover after drinking with Dewell. Therefore, Ulukku frankly stretched out the pleasure.

Suddenly, a crossbow bolt flashed past the shark’s mouth, and something hardenly slurped in the area of ​​​​the shark’s shoulder. The faithful octopus fell to the deck boards, bleeding blue. Well. This upset Ulukku, but did not stop him. There are many octopuses in the sea, you can always tame a new one. The crossbowman did not have time to pull the bowstring, as a hook flew into his head.

The last man left alive jumped into the boat and began to feverishly lower it into the water. While his trembling hands were trying to control the winch, Ulukku untied one of the three hooks from the shaft on which they were attached, spun it on a rope and threw it towards the poor fellow. The hook pierced the smuggler’s shoulder and pulled him out of the boat. The shark slowly pulled the rope towards itself, enjoying the screams of the wounded. Then the Hunter yanked the weapon from human flesh, put his foot on the man’s chest, tilted his mouth to his very face and growled:

– If any of you dive under the water again – all will go to the drowned ones! Every single one! It’s clear?

The man nodded, clutching the wound in his shoulder. Ulukku kicked him, more to seal the message than to inflict more wounds, and went into the ship’s hold. There was a dozen barrels of excellent gunpowder, which would explode perfectly and send the ship to the bottom. From the bloodied shark’s mouth sounded the last verse of the pirate song.

We’ll drop him down to the depths of the sea
We’ll drop him down to the bottom of the sea
We’ll sing him down with a long, long roll
Where the sharks’ll have his body
and the devil have have his soul

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