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Napoleonic – sources of inspiration

Today we’ll detail what became our muse and catalyst for creativity in the process of developing a unique design for Napoleonic: Steel and Magic, combining historical accuracy and fantasy elements.

The Napoleonic Wars era had a huge impact on world culture, politics, and the future of European nations, becoming one of the most colorful periods of history. Emperor Napoleon, the central figure of this era, was a multifaceted personality whose revolutionary changes in Europe were perceived negatively by the monarchs, although over time the assessment of his deeds began to change. Our project, inspired by this historical period, is an exciting wargame that combines history and fantasy, and is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter in 2024. The main opposing sides in the game are the armies of France, Britain and the Legions of Chaos. We are looking with great interest at the possibility of introducing countries such as Prussia, Austria, Russia, Spain and the Ottoman Empire. However, of course, the success of this direction depends on how our project is welcomed by the gaming community.

We aim to pay tribute to the military prowess of figures like Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington, while also recognizing the unique contributions to history of other significant figures like Count Cagliostro and Saint Germain. Our goal is to create a game that immerses players in worlds of history and fantasy without claiming historical accuracy. We realize that this may raise questions from historians, but our project is an artistic experiment, offering a unique style and mixing historical period costume with fantasy elements.

Of course, when working on our game’s character costumes, we did not strive for historical accuracy. In the design of the models we paid attention to mixing styles – historical period costume and fantasy elements such as medieval armor, cold weapons and throwing weapons. Conceptors and designers realized their creative ideas, and as a result we got some kind of fusion of costumes from different historical eras. Sometimes they look curios and sometimes they look extravagant. But we hope that our audience will understand our idea and accept our creative solutions. The project is primarily a fantasy adaptation and does not strive for historical accuracy.

In addition, we are considering creating more complex models and busts based on the Napoleonica: Steel and Magic project as an additional product if we notice significant interest from fans. Our project is an attempt to offer an exciting wargame in a unique style, combining historical and fantasy elements, and we hope for the support and understanding of our audience.

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