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Lindaris the Knight of Early Spring

There is no season more beautiful than spring. This is the time of the awakening of the sleeping nature. Time for a new life. Lindaris bowed to the ground and inhaled the scent of young spring flowers. Here, safe by the walls of Dirkair’s citadel, he could afford to let his guard down for a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature.

But the smell alerted the elven warrior. Through the delicate fragrance of the flowers, a different smell made its way. The smell of blood and decay.

Lindaris jumped up and drew his swords. For several minutes he stood motionless, catching every sound. Birds sang in the forest. Somewhere, to the left, a stream gurgled in the distance. Behind him, barely audible, even to an elven ear, grunted an old boar.

The elf slowly sheathed his weapon. The smell he caught did not belong to an approaching enemy. It came from the earth itself. Although there were days of travel from Dirkair to the cursed swamps, Akkari’s corruption left its mark even on these still safe lands. It spread along the ground like snake venom spreads through the body from the bite site.

A few years will pass and flowers will no longer grow here. The bark of the trees will turn black and fill with swarming grubs. The crystal water of the streams will turn purple, filling with poison. If Akkari’s corruption is not stopped. If HE doesn’t stop it.

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