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Korass the Executioner

The Illuminati Order is made up of masters of dagger and poison. They bring death to the enemies of the Church in nobility castles and merchants’ mansions, in the Empire provinces and in faraway countries. You’ll never know that the Order has an interest in you, until the killer’s dagger is under your ribs. For the Empire citizens and Fathers of the Church assassins are just faceless deadly figures without any individuality or any value — apart from the value of the lives they take. Only the First Assassin knows the secrets of the Order members.

Korras had a different name once, and he was a son of a well respected nobleman, and not a church assassin. During the dark times his father did not support the Church, and he was thrown to expurgatory fire for this. His older children were also executed, but the First Assassin decided that the youngest son was young enough for his soul to be saved. He took the child to the Order, where he received a new name and spent years indurating his soul and mastering the art of murder. During his years of training, he became particularly close to Alluna. It was a tight connection of a brother and sister in arms, especially so because they both dedicated their lives to making satisfaction for the sins of their parents. Nobody could understand the young man’s obsession for service as Alluna did. The greatest day in Korras’s life was the day when he accepted the mask that not only cut him from all things worldly, but allowed him to hide his resemblance to the executed heretics, from the First Assassin. In the Order’s chapel he ceased being a human and completely recognized himself as a weapon of Emris’s will. As a sign of greatest trust and thanks to good knowledge of all the holy texts Korras was assigned as one of the Illuminati representatives in the Inquisition.
Swiftness is Korass’s art, and his lengthy training allowed him to perfect his stealthy murder skills.

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Alluna the Illuminati Assassin

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Korass the Inquisition Executioner