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Kitsune Clan of the Scarlet Forest is joining other characters!

This path was long, but despite all the obstacles, the Kitsune Clan of the Scarlet Forest reached the shelves of our store.
For many centuries, kitsune lived in harmony with the spirits of nature. They protected their lands with the help of magic, cunning, diplomacy and blades of skilled warriors.
But now, when a great evil threatens the whole world, kitsune can no longer live as recluses. To save their native islands, they will have to fight with neighbors and eccentrics from across the sea. Kitsune believe: you can save the world only by uniting all the lands under your wise rule!

Kitsune pay great attention to the arts. Be it the art of poetry, the art of magic, or the art of war.
The clan’s commanders come up with ingenious strategies for victory. Mages keep the secrets of the clan and unleash the forces of nature on enemies. And the poets of the clan preserve the tricks and exploits of their ancestors.

Are cunning and magic the instruments of victory?
The starter kit and many kitsune models are now in our store.

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