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Join the hunt of The Brotherhood of the Black Cat!

While wars tear the world of Signum apart, monsters feast and breed. But while the peasants and merchants suffer – and are willing to pay for their protection – there will always be heroes ready to challenge evil.
The Brotherhood of the Black Cat has absorbed the fighting skills and hunting secrets of the catfolks of the distant desert. Their audacity, agility and unpredictability will collide with the deadly instincts of monsters.
Happy New Year!

Hunting monsters means spending long days on the road and finding tracks that no one else has noticed. This means that your best friends are your mount and your sword. And you hope that it will be enough.

Be careful, you are entering the monster’s lair.
Eternally hungry, able to smell fresh blood from miles away, ghouls, and harpies, who look out for their prey from the sky. These monsters are difficult to defeat individually, but when they gather in a pack, they become an almost unstoppable threat.

The Swamp Thing is the real god of these places. Invulnerable to the weapons of ordinary people, invisible and unpredictable ancient beast. He drags everything that his tentacles reach into the tentacles. Even military convoys and tax collectors regularly pay “tribute” to him, if they manage to get away from the monster alive at all.

A new story of confrontation between monsters and monster hunters begins now!
Join the hunt of The Brotherhood of the Black Cat!

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