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Henrikh Jillsroot

The Last Harvest Festival was indescribably lush and noisy. Henrikh Jillsroot had a headache, but he was not showing it. With a calm face, the butler followed the young gentleman, dressed in a ghost costume with a huge pumpkin instead of a mask. A similar vestment was on Henry himself. The capricious young nobleman irritated the old butler, but over the years of service to his family, Jillsroot had developed almost infinite patience. Though even that was coming to an end that day.

Instead of the usual duties, the noble youth ordered to accompany him to the holiday. The butler knew that he would be punished for unfulfilled duties at home, but disobeying the order was even worse. The spoiled tomboy was not in danger of anything.
“We’re going for sweets, Henrikh.“ The young master knew that it was offensive to address an elder by name, even if it was a servant. He was deliberately teasing the butler.
“As you wish,” Jillsroot answered calmly as his master chuckled and headed for the dilapidated mansion. Heinrich silently followed him.
“Trick or treat!” The youth shouted demandingly, pounding on the door, but there was no answer.
“Well, sir, I suppose this house is empty.” The butler calmly informed him.
“No way!” The young nobleman kicked the door open and went inside and Henrikh had to follow him.
“Sir! We have no right to be here.” Jillsroot said excitedly.
“I don’t care!” The youth kicked the old armor standing by the stairs. An ancient halberd fell from their empty hands and fell to the floor with a crash. The butler rushed to it and put that thing back in place.
“What an obnoxious youth.” A woman’s voice said from above. The Wolfen woman slowly descended the stairs. “He is not brought up at all?”
“Sorry to disturb you, lady! – Henrikh bowed to the landlady.
“No worries, my friend!” The witch laughed. “Tonight you will be my dear guest. But this child…”
“Trick or treat!” The young nobleman insisted.
“Haven’t you already tricked me?” The landlady looked at the youngster with contempt. “What a spoiled child. You always get everything you want? If you raise a child without severity, allowing any fool, what will become of his soul?”
“I said trick or tr…” Wolfen snapped her fingers, and the youth’s mouth disappeared. In shock, the young nobleman tried to put off the mask on his face, but it seemed to be attached to him. Pumpkins, placed on the windowsills, slowly turned to the guests with their ugly faces.
“My friend.” The witch turned to Heinrich, who was clutching the halberd with both hands. “Those who enter my mansion do not return. You are visiting a dark sorceress, which means you are no longer held back by old commitments. I see your thoughts and desires. Do what you have been secretly dreaming of for a long time, and after that, we will enjoy a wonderful evening together!”

The young nobleman turned to his servant. Henrikh stood motionless, clutching an old halberd that had been thrown to the floor by a spoiled child. The butler hesitated for a few seconds, and then looked up at the witch.
“I gladly accept your invitation, madam.”

The halberd had whistled through the air, and the pumpkin head of the young gentleman rolled on the floor.
“Spoiled boy! It was a rotten pumpkin!” Laughed pumpkins on the windowsills.
“Welcome to my domain, my dear Henrikh.” The witch smiled.

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Henrikh Jillsroot the Immortal Butler