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Goliath is a mighty warrior of the Grypharim Empire and a loyal protector of Queen Zenobia. Unlike Daemos and Kiros, Goliath does not have a noble birth to boast of. But now, when all grypharims are outcasts, this means nothing. His deeds are to speak for a real warrior, and Goliath has performed a lot of feats.
Goliath has always been deeply loyal to the royal family. When Queen Zenobia suggested that grypharims leave Mirta-Ayur, he was the first one to support her.
– I will follow you, my queen, — he said. — You know, I never mind a good brawl, and this world is dear to me, by there are too many manticores here now.
From the first day in Signum Goliath declared himself the queen’s bodyguard. He was at Zenobia’s side when she spoke to Roland for the first time, and he almost died when the clerics took her prisoner. Crossbow bolts would kill any other man, but Goliath was even tougher than the knights thought, and they have known him for a long time. In just three days he got up and raced to the rescue of his queen, deliriously sending both healers and guards flying. The surviving knights were forced to enchain Goliath.
Now, when the alliance between humans and grypharims seems stronger than ever, the mighty warrior does not intend to let his guard down. He will not let anyone harm the queen or the young prince again.