Nature has many faces. It gives life, but it also takes it. It can be beautiful, taking the shape of a crystal-clear mountain lake, surrounded by a blossoming meadow, but it can also take the shape of maggots in a heap of manure, surrounded by flies; it can take the shape of a nest of poisonous snakes. Nature has a thousand facets and more, but its essence is an endless unstoppable transformation – the death of one thing and the birth of another. And woe to him who, due to his foolishness or arrogance, tries to intervene in the natural order of things, for nature also has claws. Claws, pincers, fangs, horns, wings and arms more resembling blades. These are the Akkari – the rage and fury of nature itself, the incarnation of its transformative power. Their swarm is as terrible and deadly as is beautiful with its orderliness. Many call them cursed elves without understanding that their change is a gift. The Akkari represent one of the most important aspects of the cycle of life and death, which we call nature: change.