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New Release Has Arrived!

Dear Friends! We keep releasing new stuff in our store!

At one point we had only two Underwater Empire characters, but now it turns into a real army of Ulmie’s Underwater Empire! Sea dwellers of different kinds have ascended from the deep to show land people the true power of the Ocean.

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Warriors of Ulmie’s Underwater Empire are gearing up to protect the inhabitants of the deep and their treasures from the greedy land people. There is no service more honourable than protecting the peace of the eternal ocean.


While humans keep hunting sea animals and plunder ancient treasuries, true sea predators start preying on them.

The ships of honest merchants and daring pirates become their favorite prey. But the inhabitants of the deep should also stay away from the ferocious sharks for sure. 


Crabs are not only tasty meat, but also a real fighting machine in the Underwater Empire’s service.


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