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Battle Rats invade Signum!

Meet the latest release in our store as the Battle Rats invade Signum!

It includes four sets: Battle Rats, Robber Rats, Rat Knights, and Inspiration of Battle. The agile and cheeky rat-men are gearing up to spread their culture, rapidly intruding into every place they can reach.

These sets introduce different kinds of rats, as the Battle Rats unveil armed to the teeth soldiers, The Robber Rats represent dangerous sneaky rogues, the Rat Knights are furious riders, and the Inspiration of Battle consists of samurai warriors and priests in an oriental style. 


Grant yourself a decent discount if you purchase them all in sets. It also provides you with Reward Points which can later be used in our Loyalty Shop to get free miniatures and other exclusive stuff.

And don’t forget that the miniatures are a part of our Legends of Signum skirmish wargame, so you can download their game cards on the product page anytime to add this new race to your army, testing out their special skills and tricks in action.

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