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Tale of the Free Baronies Came Out!

Let’s celebrate this special moment with a whole bunch of new characters as daring knights seeking gold and glory are about to face intimidating monsters from the cursed lands of Styx. This is going to be epic! 

The dreadful wyvern was crafted by alchemists to confront the gods and dragons themselves, while the demonic hounds reliably protect the domain of their masters.


But will there be a decent reward for killing these things, you would ask?

The Free Baronies leader promises to generously pay the heroes who will protect his lands and people from the nasty creatures of Styx.

And don’t forget to bring the heads of killed monsters as evidence. Of course, such a nobleman honours his word.

Various knights and mercenaries are ready to fight the creatures to become rich and glorified. And… to save helpless innocent people, right?


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Worldwide shipping has been resumed, so this is a great chance to finally place an order! 

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