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The first release of 2022 year

Adventurers! Into the new year with new miniatures!
We are set to work hard and are ready to present you the first release of this year!
This is just the beginning, and there are so many incredible events ahead. Our team is full of energy and ambitions and ready to reach new goals.

First of all we are glad to introduce you the stealthy and dangerous ninjas, ruthless mercenaries and silent assassins. They are graceful and deadly, true shinobi and the pride of secret organizations.

There is also a novelty for fans of tabletop role-playing games – a set of mimics for atmospheric adventures and warm sit-ups in the tavern. The main thing to remember – you have to approach them carefully, otherwise you risk losing your fingers!

Stay with us, because we’re looking ahead, onward and upward! And have a good trip, travelers!

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