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The Dragons of the Signum world

Hi! Today we’re going to talk about some of the most majestic and powerful creatures of the world of Signum – the dragons.

Signum dragons differ not only in appearance (there are conventionally European and Asian), but also in their characters, preferences, and occupation. We want our dragons to be not just machines for battles, but full-fledged personalities, so we pay maximum attention to their development. For example, for Paraxis the Scarlet Dragon and Amaryllis, the Fairy Dragon, we created separate campaigns with unique quests and miniatures. These campaigns are included in the standalone Dragon Hunters and Dragon Slayer.

Some of Signum’s dragons have dedicated themselves not to war, but to art. Ruby, The Pearl Scales is an accomplished artist who became a leader of the Academy of Arts. 

There is the dragon, a partner and ally of the deity. We’re talking, of course, about Avatar of Inari, Goddess of Prosperity. There is even an undead dragon from the Dark Moon Fangs clan. A loyal ally of the fallen hero Sawada, The Curse of Heaven, who even after death continues to wreak havoc and destruction on the battlefield.

Of course, you can fully understand the motivation, character and life principles of this or that dragon only by playing for it. But it’s enough to even just look at the miniatures to realize how much the Signum dragons differ from each other.

In addition to the above mentioned, in the world of Signum there are Dragon Whelps – ordinary minions, which can be summoned to help the big dragon.

If we talk about the dragons of Signum as a whole, they are all descendants of the great dragon Vortirus. The first of the dragons were true titans who waged war against the heavenly host of the Nephilims. Being the only carriers of chaos magic in the world, they can use incredibly destructive power without the need to cast spells or perform complex rituals. You could say that each dragon is the embodiment of Signum magic in its purest unbridled form.

In addition, dragons have a huge amount of knowledge and a sharp mind, so they can act as wise counselors to whom the heroes turn for help. But much more often for the other races of Signum, dragons play the role of cruel monsters and sources of untold wealth and power. This is how the story of the Dragon Hunters begins – three heroes embark on a difficult and dangerous journey to defeat Paraxis the Merciless, nicknamed the Scarlet Death. But in the end it turns out that it is the dragon who turns out to be the most complex and multifaceted of all the characters, and understanding him allows you to better understand the entire faction of Dragon Hunters.

By the way, Paraxis turned out to be such an interesting and unconventional character that we would like to continue his story in the future and add details to the biography of Scarlet Death.

There are those in the world of Signum who have managed to subdue the primal power and fury of dragons. These are the Dragaris, High Elves who have ridden dragons for their own purposes. They are often found in the history of the world, but have not yet found their place as a playable faction.

The Dragons of Signum are original and colorful characters that we have developed specifically for you to feel yourself in the role of one of the most powerful gaming forces.

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  1. Renaat Van Hee says:

    For dragons being an embodiment of magic, looking at their cards it doesn’t seem like a lot of them have magical abilities. Only Amarillys and Paraxis seem to have magical abilities.

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