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The Horde Approaches

Hi! Recently we have been preparing for new interesting releases for Fantasy Commander. Which today we’re going to talk about.

The first two of our big releases, which will soon see the light of day, will be dedicated to the greenest inhabitants of Signum – Оrcs. Among the novelties – not only the new faction itself, but also further strengthening of the orc army with new units – swamp troll, frog riders, hobgoblins. The latter will even have a larger size of infantry units (5 instead of 3 for orcs) and their own hero with unique properties. On the battlefield, such an army looks very impressive and inspires fear in the enemy, especially at the moment when the warriors meet face to face.

Orcs will also have a special property – Horde. It means that green-skinned warriors will be able to deal additional damage to the enemy if supported by an ally. It is logical that thanks to this property the tactics of playing for orcs will be different from playing for the Empire or Styx.

Also, like Styx, orcs will have curses, which will add diversity to the game and make it more interesting.

The question you probably already have is how well balanced is the new faction and won’t playing as it be much easier than the others? Our answer – no. Naturally, orcs and hobgoblins will have their own strengths, but in contrast to them, there will also be weaknesses, thanks to which the Empire and Styx will be able to fight them on equal terms.

Important: You will need the Fantasy Commander base game starter to play as Orcs anyway.

Now a little bit about the plans for the future. After two releases dedicated to Orcs and their allies, we plan to add new units for the Empire and Styx. And by the end of the year we plan to release a full new faction. Perhaps it will be the wolfen or dark elves. In the future, we plan to transfer to the world of Fantasy Commander such popular factions of Signum as light elves, dark dwarves, Free Baronies. At the same time, we are not going to transfer all factions from Legends of Signum to Fantasy Commander, as the mechanics of the two games have a number of differences.

As for the stories for orcs, we are not planning to develop a solo campaign for this faction, but of course we will release several PvP scenarios.

That’s it for today. Wait for the new green Horde to appear on the Fantasy Commander battlefields!

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