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Spells, treasures and buildings

Hello! Today we’re going to talk about cards which, like many things, have undergone a number of changes in Legends of Signum 2: Warseer. We’re talking about spell cards, treasure cards, and buildings.


Spell cards, as in the Legends of Signum, come into your hand from the deck at the beginning of your turn. Spells can only be played on your turn, and each has its own effect. This can be an attack or defense boost, speeding up your character, or even destroying terrain under your opponent’s feet. The change is that now to use a spell card you need to pay its cost in prosperity, you don’t need to build a building for this. After the spell is used and all effects are played, the card goes to the graveyard (which we wrote more about here), and you get income. The income can also change in a negative direction, especially if you have used a powerful spell.

In combat, it works like this: for example, you have a card in your hand that says “Swap the creatures in adjacent hexes”, and you want to play it. You see if you have enough prosperity to do so, and if so, you show the card to your opponent and swap any units standing on adjacent hexes. You then remove the spell card you played to the graveyard and receive the amount of income indicated on it (1 in this case).

The difference between the spell cards in Legends of Signum 2: Warseer and those in Legends of Signum is that now you don’t need to build certain buildings to cast them. You simply pay for the card with prosperity and frustrate your opponent with its effects. The effects, by the way, are new now, too.


Treasures in Signum are items of clothing or armour. Treasure is put on the hero only, and there can be no more than 3 of them at a time. You can hold as many treasure cards as you want in your hand. Each treasure has its own effects and number of uses.

Treasures are put on only in your turn and are paid, like other cards, with prosperity. After you use a treasure the specified number of times, it is considered broken and goes to the graveyard, and you receive income.

In the Legends of Signum, your hero could not wear more than one treasure of the same type at a time. Now relics are not differentiated by type, you simply cannot wear the same two at the one time. You no longer need to build buildings to use treasures either.


Building cards are now played from your hand and do not need to be played for them. You can activate them every turn, but you should use them wisely, as buildings have a significant impact on your battle strategy. For example, you get the Shooting Range card, which gives a serious bonus to shooters The enemy can destroy your building; there are special spell cards for that. Destroyed building, like all cards in the second Signum, goes to the graveyard and brings income.. If you have shooters in your camp, this can give you a serious advantage over your opponent, and it makes sense to build such a building (i.e. play a card for prosperity). If you don’t have shooters and don’t intend to put them on the battlefield, it’s not worth playing the building.

The enemy can destroy your building; there are special spell cards for that. Destroyed building, like all cards in the Legends of Signum 2: Warseer, goes to the graveyard and brings income.

To summarize the above: in the Legends of Signum 2: Warseer, you don’t have to play a card every turn to build buildings, you just do it and once per turn you get a certain bonus.

Proper use and combination of spells, treasures and buildings can give even not the strongest army a huge advantage and lead your heroes to victory.

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