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Roland Proud, Marshal-Protector

The Holy Grypharim Empire, akin to a phoenix, was reborn from the ashes of the old world. It happened mostly by virtue of the bravery and determination of just one man – Roland the Proud. He became the first Marshal-Protector of the new empire.

His alias, the Proud, Roland got for his scorn towards any and all dangers. For many years he remained the main mentor, reliable support and protection of the young emperor Demian. Roland was able to earn favor of the queen of Zenobian grypharims. These heavenly creatures looking like angels became allies to the empire. With their support, Roland was able to defeat the main opposition in Demian’s race for power.

Despite the fact that Roland is Demian’s uncle, their relations are far from family-like. The young ruler couldn’t wait to rid himself of Roland’s guardianship. Thus, he declared a crusade with the Free City of Vallor as its target. By the will of Demian, Roland will lead this crusade himself. Will the marshal be able to conquer Signum, the most freedom-loving city, for the Empire or will his campaign end with nothing? The battle has just begun.