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Meet new miniatures!

Meet new miniatures!

We offer to consolidate your armies by adroit valkyries, the fearless rider on the beers, and mages of hot South.

These characters are a great addition to your squads of mercenaries in any conflict in the expanse of the Signum. Many of them have changeable pieces therefore you have a possibility for wide customisation. Here is exactly three assembly options of valkyries and two for fearsome lioness.

We have prepared one more news. The point is that we first a set of Scenery Elements exactly the сask of fishes, the anvil, the totem, the board and oars, a box and the cask of fruit. You can use them for decorating of dioramas, board games and wherever you want.

Recommend you hurry up. We made x3 Reward Points when purchasing the models of the set so that’s also a good opportunity for those who are earning the points for Future Discounts or Free Exclusive Miniatures. It’s time to prepare for fighting!

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