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Join the army of the Fallen Nephilims in their battle!

A new faction of godlike creatures enters the battle for power over the world of Signum!
The Nephilims combined the immortal essence and the material beginning. They began to serve the Universe as an army of order and light.
The Nephilims’ dwelling place was almost a paradisiacal world. They were beautiful and powerful creatures.
Created at the beginning of times, immortal and fearless, the ancient warriors rise from the depths of oblivion.
But a revelation of their own power led the Nephilims to hubris, and hubris to the fall. The Nephilims began to use magic for their own power and to satisfy their whims.
When the actions of the Nephilims began to threaten the entire Spiral of Worlds, Universe intervened.
The perfect world of the Nephilims was deprived of Light and split into many realities. Now their home is the Lower Worlds filled with eternal darkness and suffering, and the empty shards of their home world.
Only a few remained loyal to the light and continue to guard the Spiral of Worlds.
Join the army of the Fallen Nephilims in their battle!

In the depths of the dying Lower Worlds, freed from the shackles of Order and Light, the Nephilims burn with a thirst for revenge.
The great general Malachron, the Fallen Star declares: “We have defended the worlds of the Great Spiral from dragons and monsters, and therefore we and only we are worthy to rule these worlds!”
A new faction is eager to join the battle for the future of Signum.

The Rejected Defenders
The Nephilims once fought in the name of Order, but that is a thing of the past. Now they are driven only by vengeance and the lust for power. For thousands of years they have fought dragons, no mortal could stand against their blades.

Celestial Warriors
Fallen stars shine among the ashes and chaos of the Lower Worlds. The ancient warriors, who are older than the gods, are once again ready to join the fight.

Stars among the Ashes

Among the shadows and ghosts of the Lower Worlds, the Nephilims, rejected by the Light, have found a new truth. From now on, there is only one law and only one truth – the ones they will create by the power of their weapons.


Rise from the abyss to challenge the gods and humans!

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