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Deck Building Tips part 7. The Duke and the Blades

This deck presents the very first Khan-Dir’s deck in those articles. The duke is probably the most dangerous hero in melee combat. Having a big number of Health and very strong attacking potential, this hero can fight alone, taking a lot of damage and eliminating an opponent’s characters one by one. And now imagine this powerful unit fighting side by side with decent characters. This deck is pretty consistent and gives you a chance to win by any victory condition, so you can either play slowly and defensively or rush into battle; either way, this hero won’t let you down.

(!) – means crucial cards for the main game concept


Merkaar Tentacles — 


starter set character, a good magical shooter that can enter the battlefield on turn 2 and put the opponent in danger if he starts the maneuvers around the sedentary Khan-Dir.

Zema the Trickster Mage


starter set character. It’s a great unit that can deal a lot of damage ignoring the armor. Unfortunately, her First Word can seriously complicate the game if you summon Zema in the midgame or the endgame. But at the beginning of the game, it’s almost ideal!

Milady Rosalinda the Captain’s Daughter


starter set character, a good back row unit that allows to control your opponent’s units before Khan-Dir comes and destroys them. Also, she can be a great cover for the retreating Duke – if you control it properly, all the chase can be blocked.

Roar the Ironsides


– starter set character that combines the functions of a good combat unit and a good supportive unit. It’s a great character to solve a tactical problem in the midgame or to support other Blades in the endgame. You should pay special attention to his Persecution – this ability allows to quickly ‘devour’ two characters of your opponent and, thus, ease the pressure on a hero.

Borgan the Crusher


– a good character for melee combat. This ordinary orc (as it may seem at first) can deal 5-10 damage in one turn(!) if you remove the retaliatory attack of the opponent’s character and only then attack with Borgan to make sure that he will attack twice and additionally be strengthened by Arena.

Pickrin the Battle Goblin


– an average melee combatant that under certain circumstances can deal up to 5 damage. He can effectively remove the retaliatory attacks due to Veteran and Berserk.

Chevalier de Batz



– another melee combatant for the midgame stage. Unlike other characters in this deck, de Batzhas Rush and an ability to use its activation to appear on the opponent’s side of the battlefield. Thanks to this ability, de Batz becomes a pretty flexible unit that can either support your attack by relocating to the opponent – or do some sudden damage by appearing in the game and immediately attacking the advance of the enemy.

Glan-Mor, Troll Gladiator



– the main melee combatant of this deck. It has an inbuilt Hammerblow. According to this, if there is an option to add this Strength, you need to use it exactly on Glan-Mor. Besides, this character obtains a big rack and a Master of Defense (if you have an Arena in your city). He’s a perfect guard for some narrow canyon and, by the way, he can respond to your attack!

Renard the Deafening Shot


– it is one of the best shooters in the game! If you use his Contract and provide him with Barracks bonus, Renard gains probably the highest number of Shooting possible. And taking into account his health, speed and Buckshot, this character can securely protect your side of the battlefield from your opponent’s advance.

Archmage Munin


– this is a very interesting character, combining the features of a range shooter and a melee combatant. As well as Chevalier de Batz, it has Rush, which means he can appear on the battlefield and strike immediately. But the most important part is that the more Archmage Munin misses his target, the more Strength it gets! In some rounds, he can enter melee combat with 4 or even 5 Strength after just a few shots!
Total: 10 characters. This is a good quantity for the base deck. You can play using this build by holding the opponent’s attacks back and dealing damage with the particular units. Another way is to do some explosive damage by using the Spell Cards. This deck can be upgraded by adding several characters from Guild of Merchants or Guild of Shadows. Especially you should consider Guild of Shadows due to their ability to search the ruins twice and, thus, become one more danger.

Support Cards:

Two-Handed Sword — relic, melee weapon –


— a personal weapon of the duke of Vallor that almost doubles its damage. It’s a great way to finish your opponent off or to turn the battle around in your favor.

Battle Hammer — relic, melee weapon –



— neutral support card from “Dragon Hunters” set. It doubles the damage done by Khan-Dir and allows to finish the opponent with one hit or to destroy your opponent’s powerful character if combined with Flaming Blade.

Mid-Battle Dinner — tactic –

– one of a few ways to heal your hero in Vallor. It’s a very useful tactic as it allows Khan-Dir to break into the opponent’s ranks and defeat the entire armies all by himself!

Look Out, Sir! — tactic –

– one more defensive tactic in Vallor. Unlike the others, it also allows dealing damage to the opponent’s hero. It happens to be quite useful in the endgame when the opponent plans to finish your hero with one hit, but in return, he himself receives critical damage.

Weapons Sale — tactic –

starter set card. It’s an almost mandatory tactic for every deck of Vallor. It adds some control of your opponent if you have built Guild of Merchants. And, most importantly, it allows speeding up your prosperity and summoning your strong characters earlier than your opponent.

Guild of Masons — tactic –

– it’s a perfect tactic to build up the rate. Thanks to additional prosperity it provides, you will be able to construct one building more than your opponent.

Dungeon Map — relic, jewel –

starter set card. It’s a nearly irreplaceable card when you play for Vallor. Firstly, it is needed for Javeyd to search the Ruins one more time. But also it can help Glan-Mor or Borgan to receive additional Armor and Strength for the successful advance.

Flaming Blade —  spell –

– it’s an utterly useful spell and, unlike the Empire’s Hero Power, it works on your hero as well. It gives a chance to deal up to 9 damage in one hit when in combination with Khan-Dir’s Two-Handed Sword.

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