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About CCG in Legends of Signum

Types of cards in Legends of Signum

Character cards are using to summon characters to the battlefield. Each miniature has its own character card. The character card contains the name, character image and its game abilities and parameters. Support cards include:
1) Spell cards that allow you to cast spells during the game. Spells have a variety of effects: to damage, to increase or lower character abilities, to influence the City or deck of cards.
2) Cards of relics are equipment for strengthening heroes and giving them additional properties.
3) Tactic cards are a kind of “secrets”, which effect works when certain conditions are met. All of this is necessary in order to assemble a battle deck.

Battle deck 

A battle deck can consist of 20-40 cards, at least half of which must be a character card. Other types of cards can be included in the deck in any proportions or not included at all. The hero’s card is not included in the combat deck, but it is determined by the faction and the deck must match to it. There are also cards supporting the hero that can be included in the deck only with the appropriate hero.
Number of cards in the game The set “Battle for Vallor” includes 275 cards. There are:
-6 cards of Heroes (3 for Vallor and 3 for the Holy Grypharim Empire);
-139 character cards (35 cards of the Holy Grypharim Empire;
-39 Vallor cards and 65 mercenary cards);
-100 support cards (50 Grypharim cards, 50 Vallor cards);
-30 cards of buildings and terrains (including 9 basic, 13 unique, 8 terrain).

     Obtaining methods 

The method of obtaining cards will depend on their type. The character cards will be distributed along with miniatures or in sets such as a starter. Support cards will be distributed mainly in boosters display (pack of boosters) collected from boosters or in sets such as a starter. Each display of Legends Signum contains 24 boosters, each with 7 cards. Each booster contains 6 Common cards (3 for Vallor 3, for Empire) and 1 Rare/Legendary card, each display contain 3 Legendary cards guaranteed (Empire or Vallor with a chance of 50 to 50). A booster may also contain 1 unique building/terrain card.

     Support cards rarity 

Only support cards have their rarity. In the “Legends of Signum” there are 4 different card rarity:
1) Common cards are the most pervasive type of support cards. In all amount of 100 support cards – 69 are Common cards;
2) Rare cards – these cards are four times less than Common cards – only 15 Rare cards;
3) Legendary cards are very rare cards. At the moment, in the “Legends of Signum” 6 Legendary cards;
All these cards can be found in boosters.
4) Mythical cards are exclusive cards.
These cards cannot be obtained in boosters. They are awards in tournaments and events. These cards are not mega-strong, they are useful, but do not break the game balance and do not make its owner invincible.
Character cards, as well as building/terrain cards, do not have a rarity degree.

Updates and new cards 

We are planning active support of the game, but we don’t plan to produce card sets as small and minor additions. Undoubtedly, for the Vallor and Empire factions, new characters will be created and new support cards will be released. These card additions we will release together with the new sets to maintain the game balance and will distribute with them. How much influence the cards have on the game The purpose of the CCG component in Legends of Signum is to make the gameplay more variable and allow players to use more diverse and complex tactics.
Each character gets the opportunity to change the process of battle, whose properties without the influence of support cards would remain unchanged throughout all games. The game adds another tactical element, because while both players see each other’s miniatures on the battlefield and can predict their movements, neither of them knows what kind of cards the opponent has in their hand. In this case, the influence of the random in the “Legends of Signum” is not as significant as in pure CCG genre games. We put a lot of efforts to balance the game and took the best from card games genre.

     Tournament formats 

For our game, we have provided a tournament system, in which you can win valuable prizes, Mythical cards and exclusive miniatures. Tournament activity is your door to new opportunities in the LoS world. It allows players of all skill levels to gather and enjoy the game, promote community formation, set new goals for players and open up completely new edges of LoS. Whatever attracts you to the game, whether it is a relaxed atmosphere or intense rivalry, you will find it in the tournament activity. Whether you are striving to get on the Pro tournament or just starting to play in Los, among the variety of tournament activities there is something for you. “Legends of Signum” provides 5 tournament formats, as the game develops, we will add new formats and types of tournaments:
1) Release – your opportunity to be the first to play the new set of LoS latest cards and miniatures. You can play it only 1 time for each release.
2) Avant-Garde – Carried out on starter without adding other cards.
3) Battle Reconnaissance – Also held on the starters, but in your deck you can add cards obtained at draft or sealed from additional boosters.
4) Fight – this type of tournament is no longer related to the starter. You prepare a deck in advance with the hero and characters and then on the spot, add support cards to them using a draft or sealed deck format. There are special rules for dialing support cards in the deck.
5) Confrontation – You pre-compose a deck with the hero, characters and support cards according to the usual rules.
In the development stage there is a system of tournament levels to make them even more diverse and interesting, but of course the first place is communication and fun, not the struggle for victory.