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A Union of Spider enters the battlefield.

Meet the Dark Elves – the most powerful and warlike of the peoples of the Underdark. They became the main attacking force of the Underdark, Union of Spider
The Underdark faction thrives in the shadows, using cunning strategies and devastating abilities to outmaneuver and defeat their opponents. This faction excels in both offense and defense, with units capable of striking swiftly, and support cards that enhance their versatility. The Dungeon faction’s primary strengths lie in their ability to debilitate enemy forces while empowering their own by strategic positioning and timely activations.
Also meet new units for the Iron Nest Empire and Styx factions

One thought on “A Union of Spider enters the battlefield.

  1. zukar says:

    Okay, a new faction with realy nice minis. Cool.
    But a new units for the other factions? Awesome!

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