There can be no doubt that the appearance of the Styx Undead Empire in Signum is directly connected to the Crimson Canyon and the benevolence of the so-called Dark Strangers.

After the ancient queen Jadwiga obtained the «gifts of darkness» and was transformed into a banshee-queen, she became a true nightmare both for the baronies of the Western Kingdom and all of the Free Baronies. For a considerable time, her power was contained with the help of the Bell fortress, which guarded the passage to the Styx barony.

With the appearance of manticores under the command of the dreaded Siris, the fortress was destroyed.

The darkness and will of the Dark Strangers very soon came to enslave all the baronies neighbouring Styx. The once flourishing lands turned into an Empire of fear and dread. Necromancy, vampirism, the summoning of dark emanations is a mere fraction of the filth that became subject to the new barons of darkness.

Styx is an Undead Empire, which is commonly referred to as the Kingdom of the Damned, and appeared upon the ruins of the Western Kingdom. Today, Styx includes seven large baronies and threatens to spread upon the other lands of Signum.

The notes of the court mage and queen’s enchanter Grigori Rasputin shed some light on the chronology of the dark events. If a curious reader is lucky enough to get acquainted with them, he may discover quite a number of remarkable facts, though it would be rather difficult for a critical reader to take them all at face value.


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Angry Vampires


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