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History of Signum and basic game rules

“Legends of Signum” will immerse you into a fascinating world of medieval fantasy where there is no distinct line between good and evil.

Terrible cataclysm, caused by the arrival of the dragon Vortirus, almost ruined the old world gods. Proud and selfish gods didn’t learn anything from the hard-won confrontation against the dragon and its followers. Consequences of that terrible cataclysm barely subsided, but then conflicts came back with renewed vigor. Gods decided that they could rebuild the universe for themselves.

History of Signum begins from the walls of the Free City of Vallor. Innumerable treasures are hidden in its dungeons. This attracts greedy gods and conquerors avid for greatness and gold. Vallor is a real city-state. Mixed representatives of different peoples from every part of Signum can be found inside this melting pot.

No one considered the Grypharim Empire to be a threat to the Free City before. But everything changed ever since the rise of Emperor Demian. The young ruler truly intended to become the sole inheritor of all Sigum. He believed that Vallor was the reason of all the troubles in the world, and wanted to purify the world from them.

He received a refusal from his Vallor opponents in proposal to obey his will, so that meant only one thing – a war!

Young warrior Brissa de Molforn was one of the first who answered the Duke’s call to protect the city. She probably gathered the most unusual army which included representatives of very different classes and guilds.

Invincible Grypharim Empire army is waiting for you under the walls of Vallor. Which side do you prefer, Free City Duke’s or Grypharim Emperor’s – everything is up to you! Will the world be capable to survive this time? Or will it be its final destruction? Well, all this depends on the rival results. Now it’s your turn to lead your armies to victory, wealth and, most likely, to saving the whole world!

Rules Overview

In “Legends of Signum” there are no complicated rules, but neither simple solutions. Game basis is a properly composed battle deck and competent commander’s actions on the Battlefield. You build your victory strategy by collecting a battle deck and miniatures by your own.

Card Types

Hero is a crucial model on the Battlefield. If your hero dies, the game is over and your opponent wins.

The battle deck includes cards of characters, spells, relics and tactics. Before the start of the battle, both players make their battle decks based on their own winning strategy. Upon playing character cards, you need to put the corresponding miniature on the Battlefield. Cards of spells, relics and tactics allow you to use magic and powerful artifacts in the game. This is how you can ensure your superiority on the battlefield or significantly strengthen your hero.

Cards of buildings are not included in the battle deck and are used to build the City. Buildings will allow you to play cards of the battle deck. Ordinary characters can be hired in Tavern or Barracks; powerful mages require the construction of Library or Temple; legendary warriors will become available only after the construction of Arena or City Hall. Additionally, you can influence the battlefield using Terrain cards. Grow a forest or create mountains – everything is up to you.

Beginning of the Game and Gameplay

After players made their battle decks, it’s necessary to designate main game zones.

The Battlefield is a game zone, which is the same for both players. By standard rules the field is set to 60×60 cm.

The City is a game zone for building and terrain cards. Each player determines a location for their City outside the battlefield. Cards of constructed buildings and terrains should be placed there.

Each player takes three prosperity points and draws the top four cards from their Battle Deck. After that the preparatory stage of the game is considered complete and the first player makes his move.

In “Legends of Signum” participants make their moves alternately. Each turn consists of three mandatory phases – Beginning, Construction and Activation; playing a terrain and miniature’s action are optional.


During this phase an active player untaps all tapped cards in their City zone. All creatures get an equal opportunity to be activated again. Active player takes one card from the Battle deck and receives one prosperity point.

Legends of Signum library building game card


During the Building Phase players can construct a building. It’s necessary to pay the cost of the building in prosperity points and then place its card in the City’s area.

If a player decides to skip the construction phase, they receive two additional prosperity points.

You cannot build more than one building in one turn. Constructed buildings can be used during the turn of its construction.

Buildings are used for:

  • – playing cards from the Hand of the Battle Deck or playing terrain cards;
  • – using ability indicated on a building card.


You can play only one terrain card per turn. In order to do so, you should use any buildings already constructed in the City (for instance, to build Rocks terrain is necessary to tap 2 different buildings).

Upon playing the terrain card you put this card in the City zone and place a template that displays this type of terrain on the battlefield. The template should be placed in an empty space, not in basic contact with creatures, at least S (8 cm) distance from your side of the Battlefield and other terrains, and at least M (10 cm) distance from the opponent’s Battlefield side.


During this phase players are able to:

  • – play character cards, spells, relics and tactics from their Hand;
  • – activate their creatures on the battlefield;
  • – play up to one terrain card. Players can perform these actions in any order of their own decision.

Played character card is placed next to a hero’s card. Appropriate character’s miniature is placed on the Battlefield, so that it touches the edge of its side of the battlefield. Just summoned character is considered to be activated.

Creature card and its model remain on the battlefield until that creature is killed.

Players can have up to seven characters on the battlefield at the same time.

Next character can start its turn only after completing all the actions of the previous character.

Once the Active player has completed all their actions, this player’s turn comes to an end, and the next player’s turn begins.


In “Legends of Signum” each creature can perform actions during its turn as follows:

  • – move within a distance indicated on its card or use the “Run” rule;
  • – move within the indicated distance and engage in melee (if it can move in contact with an opponent’s character);
  • – engage in a melee combat if the character is already in contact with an opponent’s miniature;
  • – activate the ability specified on the card.

Movement distance is indicated on a character’s card by a letter abbreviation on a blue background (S, M, L, XL).

Miniature strength parameter shows how many dice are available in melee combat.

Dice can be used for both attack and defense. Each die can deal 1 damage to the opponent’s model if it was used to attack, if a die was used to defense, your model will block the appropriate successful die of the opponent’s attack.

Before the roll of a die, both players must distribute their dice and declare, how many dice they distribute into attack and defense. Player whose model was attacked must be the first to state their strength dice distribution – for attack and/or defense. After that, the attacker distributes their dice.

The one who attacked first, always has an advantage because they already know the distribution of an opponent’s dice.

Victory in Legends of Signum can be attained in one of two ways.

Eliminate the opponent’s Hero

Player whose Hero survives becomes a winner.


Win through Prosperity

Player will win by accumulating 51 Prosperity points.