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Starter Box Without Miniatures is now available!

Friends, we noticed that many of you already collected your battle squads for “Legends of Signum” without the starter box. And now we are glad to introduce you light faction starters of both the Empire and Vallor without miniatures.

Each set includes:

  • *the complete set of buildings and terrains for corresponding factions;
  • *a few unique buildings;
  • *terrain templates;
  • *5 boosters with support cards;
  • *a set of 6 dice;
  • *one unique support card;
  • *quick rules reference sheet;
  • *rulers;
  • *all necessary tokens.


So if you wanted to start the game but didn’t want to buy starter box miniatures you already had, or if you just want to start the game bringing your own unique squad, this set is definitely for you!

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