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Primo Victoria!

Hi! Today we’re going to talk about the most desired thing for any Signum player – victory. And also about the importance of feat cards in achieving it.

The end of the game in Legends of Signum 2: Warseer is possible in two cases:

  • The death of the hero of one of the players. Then the second player receives the maximum number of victory points (7) and is declared the winner;
  • a deck of feat cards has run out.

If the first condition is clear, then the second one should be analyzed in detail. And we begin with an explanation of what these cards are in general – these feat cards.

Feats in the Legends of Signum 2: Warseer are a separate deck, a card from which each player draws at the end of their turn. Although it says “N victory points” on the card, you only get them if you fulfill certain conditions described on the same card. For example, this could be destroying an opponent’s creature in the forest.

Feat cards are silver and gold. During one event, you can play only one gold card, but as many silver cards as you like.

When the feats deck is completed, the end of the game is announced, and each player counts the victory points for the feats (those for which the conditions were met). The points received for them are then totaled with the other victory points received during the game session. You can get them for a certain amount of income or after playing a special card (it should have the inscription “get a victory point”). You also get one victory point for each killing of an enemy character.

You also always get one victory point for killing an enemy character.

In addition to victory points, feat cards provide other opportunities. This card can be sent to the graveyard once per turn and receive one of the bonuses for it:

  • 2 points of prosperity immediately;
  • a minion that appears on the field next to the hero;
  • top card from the deck.

This mechanic allows you to discard feats that you can’t (or don’t want to, it happens too) perform. And get useful bonuses for it.

By the way, if you feel that the deck of feats is too big and the heroes are so strong that the battle will go on longer than you would like, you can agree on the end of the party. For example, when one player has 6 victory points, he is declared the winner. This way you can make the game shorter and more dynamic.

3 thoughts on “Primo Victoria!

  1. Renaat Van Hee says:

    Love this mechanic and can see this working in the current version as well. So any chance to buy these cards separately?

    1. Andrew Signum says:

      We don’t have this option at the moment, but we are looking into it and you may be able to purchase the cards separately in the future.

      1. Renaat Van Hee says:

        Super! Thanks

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