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Join the army of the Caliphate of the Sphinx

Among the endless dunes, bravery is not enough to survive. 

Belief in the Sphinx and the wisdom given by the Sphinx turned nomadic tribes and inhabitants of tiny kingdoms into a united and formidable force.

The first wisdom of the Sphinx was: All gods are only fractious beings who demand worship from everyone, but bestow favor on a chosen few. But the Sphinx dwells not in Heaven, but here, among his people. And the Sphinx will prosper with its people.

The second wisdom was: Strength is in unity, and deceit and envy breed only weakness and death.

The third wisdom was: Wars are won by logistics and discipline, not by steel and courage alone. Strangers cannot find water, strangers cannot feed themselves, strangers cannot find their way by stars. Strangers fear the desert, but we do not.  Can anyone but us conquer these eternal sands?

The Sphinx said many more wise things, but even the first three were enough to ignite a flame in the hearts of his followers. To turn the expulsion of strangers from a dream into a goal.

The Caliphate of Sphinx, invincible and ruthless as a sandstorm, would wipe the enemies to dust and bury their traces in the endless desert.

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Caliphate of Sphinx

The wisdom of the Sphinx has forced the peoples of the desert to cast aside old squabbles. 

Warriors from noble clans and fearless wanderers, humans and beastmen, under one banner they stand against the strangers who hunger for their lands.


Warriors of Desert

Desert warriors, loyal followers of the Sphinx, will go to anything to clear their lands of invaders and spread the wisdom (and power) of their lord.

Tempered by the heat of midday and the cold of midnight, their souls are like ruthless blades. Blades that will wet the desert sands with the blood of the unworthy.


Wisdom of the Sphinx

In former times, the peoples of the desert fought among themselves for drops of water and crumbs of food. But the wisdom of the Sphinx helped them unite and led their lands to prosperity.

The followers of the Sphinx are ready to give their lives for a great country where their loved ones can live, not survive.


Wrath of Desert

For centuries, strangers have come to take away what little the desert peoples had. Their ports, their trade routes, the ruins and tombs of their ancestors, their shrines. But it will not happen again.

Obeying the order of the great Sphinx, the armies of the Caliphate will take back all that is rightfully theirs.

A new faction enters the battle for the future of the world of Signum! Open your heart to the wisdom of the Sphinx, and let the heat and cold of the Desert harden your soul.

Characters created for this faction previously join their comrades!

Even the Djinns, powerful creatures of magic, were inspired by the Sphinx’s speeches.

Like a mirage, Aisha is beautiful, desirable and deadly.

The Anubises were created by the Sphinxes as their faithful warriors. Protectors of secret knowledge and ancient ruins, the Anubises are both terrifying and admired.

The elusive assassins are a sharp blade that does the will of the Sphinx.

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