Defying the Law and Confronting the Unimaginable, the League of Plague Doctors Wields Forbidden Magic to Save the world Signum
Kelly Gampana, Oracle of the Plague
Agnello Cornaro, the Plague Angel
Bianca Moreau, Countess of the Plague
Sebastiano Riario, Mentor of the Lodge
Enrico Dziani, Dr. Mosquito
Dominiko, the Quarantine Guard

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Heathens, Healers, Accursed ones – these are merely a few of the many names and curses that the Guild of Plague Doctors has gone by over the years. All of them are true, but none of them reveal the true nature of the enigmatic group. Once part of the Vallorean Alchemist and Healers Guild, the group emerged from the shadows after a devastating epidemic struck the outskirts of Vallor. These daring renegades now defy the law to protect the realm from the dark influence of the Father of Diseases, an ancient half-demon and half-god, whom they foolishly and unintentionally awakened.

Wielding the power of ancient Ophidian magic and utilizing forbidden knowledge, these rogue physicians will stop at nothing to rectify their mistake even If it means putting entire villages to the torch, to halt the spread of their nemesis’ influence. For what are a hundred lives compared to the unimaginable darkness looming over all of Signum?


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Where there was a feast and a holliday, there would be pestilence and death. The Plague God travels the world on the backs of rats.

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Unleash the plague


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The League of Plague Doctors will retaliate against the evil god and his followers with knowledge and cutting-edge technology.
Join these brave fighters against the terrible epidemic and their adversaries.
Inventors, doctors, and warriors will work together to defeat an enemy that is threatening to wipe out entire cities and armies.

Starter contains an Exclusive Miniature of Kelly Gampana, Oracle of the Plague.

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Unleash the plague