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Trick Or Treat

When the autumn winds whisper and the moon takes its place, the Witches’ Sabbath reigns supreme.
Its mystical aura invites revelers to celebrate the season with pumpkin-carving, laughter, and the promise of a bewitching night.
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Halloween’s Sabbath”

At the heart of the supernatural calendar, the Witches’ Sabbath reigns supreme. It’s a night of boundless freedom, where witches, witchers, familiars, monsters, and even the stoic cemetery caretakers let loose. Under the moon’s watchful eye, they revel in a night of enchantment, forging unexpected bonds and creating memories that defy the ordinary.
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Witches’ Sabbath

Powerful and beautiful witches are the embodiment of magic’s allure. Their charm lies not only in their captivating physicality but also in the depths of their ancient knowledge. With grace and elegance, they dance around festive bonfires and fly on their brooms with the spirits of the night.
With grace, they command the elements and shape destinies.
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Wizard Cats

These adorable magic cats are the trusted companions of witches and magicians. With their wide, knowing eyes and fur as soft as moonlight, they assist their magical partners with spells and enchantments. Don’t be fooled by their cuteness—these feline friends possess powers that can weave wonders and cast spells of their own.


Enchanted Hats

As the witching hour approaches on Halloween, the living Enchanted Hats come to life with an enchanting and eerie power. These sentient headpieces are brimming with ancient spells. They’re known to bestow bewitching abilities upon those they favor, or unleash mischief upon the unwary.


Grim Undertakers

The Grim Undertakers, custodians of death’s most sacred secrets, are masters of the funeral rites. With solemnity and reverence, they orchestrate farewells that honor the departed and pacify restless spirits. Their knowledge is unparalleled, for they understand the delicate balance between the living and the dead. Beware, for those who dare to disturb this harmony shall face the unforgiving wrath of the Grim Undertakers.


Dusk Gravediggers

Amidst the duskened gravestones, the Dusk Gravediggers labor in somber reverence. They are silent keepers of the final mysteries, tend to the resting places of the departed as twilight descends.
These sentinels of the dusk hours are entrusted with the solemn duty of preserving the final confidences of the deceased, ensuring that the past remains veiled in eternal mystery.


Evil Ents

On Halloween night, the cursed Ents awaken from their slumber in the haunted forest. Once majestic guardians of the woods, now twisted and malevolent, they stretch their gnarled limbs towards the moon, ready to terrorize all who dare enter their realm. Tread carefully, for the ancient trees hunger for souls.


Charming Witchers

In the hidden realms of magic, mysterious and daring, Charming Witchers shatter stereotypes with their audacious spells and powerful elixirs. With a blend of ancient knowledge and unyielding resolve, they walk the mystical path, defying convention and rewriting the rules of sorcery.

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