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“To slay a dragon” — short story about dragon hunters!

The three travelers were standing on top of a low hill opposite a grey rock covering the entrance to a cave. A fierce Amazon, a brooding warrior and a silver-haired mage. Numerous spots of grass that faded due to the long drought were looming darkly, and animal bones gleamed white among the stones. The cave entrance was not visible, but they knew He was there. They were hunters who managed to corner a rare and savage beast. But it was not yet completely clear who was the prey and who – the hunter.
The dragon was older than the three of them combined, he was smarter and definitely stronger. But what did they care? Each of them strived to achieve their goal by any means necessary and did not regard the dangers. Just like children who want to get their wish at any cost and do not think about consequences. Compared to the dragon they really were children, naive children who believed in their fearlessness and power.