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The nature forces have arrived!

Beautiful and noble elves, blessed by nature, are ready to resist the invaders of their native lands at any cost. They are all united under the leadership of the great hero Tinwe, Board Member of the Wise. She’s above all honors the nature and her creatures, and especially divine places of ancient magic. Sacred Thicket Sentinel defends the lands of the Alliance of the Unicorn most fiercely when the enemy invades, as she considers it a holy place.


The heart of the forests is under protections of wolfens, the brave warriors of the Mother Nature. The majestic yet dangerous Baetaen, the Storm Roar, enslaved by his primal instincts, always comes to the rescue during battles. Kayre is the Archdruid of the Stonemoon, who calls upon the spirits of the beasts and follows the wisdom of the Ancestors. He’s able to subdue the forces of nature to preserve the natural balance and protect the native lands.


At this time, the Vanguard Constructs will fight on the side of the Alliance of the Unicorn. Constructs are not just soulless mechanisms, but they are faithful servants of the islands of Keledanis.


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