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Legends of Signum 2: Warseer

Hi! Today we’re going to talk about Legends of Signum 2. Why we started working on the second edition of the rules, how it is fundamentally different from the first version, what benefits it gives to players.

First of all, it should be said that both the world of Signum and the mechanics of the game have been enlarged and acquired new details during the existence of the project. We had new ideas, new factions and characters, we came up with new options for interaction between them. Not surprisingly, this eventually led to a significant increase in the threshold of entry into the game. It became more difficult for new players to grasp the gameplay on the fly and start winning their first games. Instead, they had to spend hours studying the rules and paying extra attention to deckbuilding.

As we keep a close eye on what players are saying about our game and strive to improve the game mechanics, we couldn’t not pay attention to these points. Naturally, we wanted to make sure that getting to know the world of Signum was only a pleasant experience. Therefore, at some point our team had to decide whether to keep making the existing rules more complicated or create new ones that are intuitive even for newcomers, require less reading time, and are not controversial or ambiguous. We chose the second one.

The main innovation of the second Signum is the hex field. Now when the playing field is divided into hex cells, it is much easier for the player to calculate character movement, trajectories for long-range attack, and simply place miniatures on the map. You no longer need rulers, as you did in the first Signum, and it makes the game many times faster and easier.

In addition, we are creating new characters, factions, and game zones, testing a new game resource (now we have it codenamed “mana”), and working on other innovations:

  • game economics – the mechanics of using prosperity points have been completely redesigned;
  • new simplified combat mechanics;
  • a new principle of putting characters on the battlefield;
  • victory point scoring has appeared, although the death of a hero still means an immediate end to the game.

We will talk about each of these points in detail in future posts. But for now we can say that they will make the world of Signum more friendly for newcomers, remove the unwieldy mechanics and make the game more dynamic.

Stay tuned for more updates!

P.S. All of the new mechanics are in the process of being tested and are subject to significant changes. Something we may even consider unnecessary and remove from the new version of Signum. But in any case, you will find a lot of new and interesting things.

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