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“Ruby sphere”

A miniatures painting competition named The Ruby Sphere was held in Moscow this weekend. Alexey Martynov, an amazing artist, took part in the competition with two Legends of Signum models: Jarvis, Militia Sergeant, and a Horseman of the Free City of Vallor which will be released only in the second edition of the game. The Horseman won the second place in the Small Individual Miniature, Master category. We offer our congratulations to Alexey and are proud that one of our models was a part of this well-earned victory. Here is what Alexey told us about distinctive features of the miniatures, their appeal for artists and his painting technique. “The whole Legends of Signum model range is remarkable! I saw them at the Shtuka festival and on the web-site, and it is magnificent! When visiting the site you don’t know where to look first… By the way, the models have great potential for conversion. For this competition specifically I didn’t do anything, but I took a mental for myself that the hand position could be changed, I could hang a wineskin on the battle axe or scatter some stuff around. And talking about the Vallor Horseman, the model itself tells a story which you can see even without reading the background info…”

P.S. A model of Vadoma the Prophetess, our gypsy, nicely painted by an artist unknown to us, was also presented at the competition.