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Legendary warriors of the Alliance of the Unicorn arrived

The pre-order is open!

Pack of the Ancient Forest

Wulfen, children of the eternal forest – Brave warriors of the Alliance of the Unicorn. A pack of these mighty creatures fight as one, supporting their elven allies with their strength and beastly fury.

Seize the opportunity to reserve new wulfen miniatures and be part of the first wave of delivery starting February 15th.

Fenrir, Forever Hungry

This huge beast knows no doubt, no weariness, no fear. He is driven only by hunger and loyalty to his pack. Fenrir can’t be stopped by fortress walls or mage spells – he’ll even devour a dragon if it gets in his way.

Serdak, Hero of the Alliance

Wulfen Serdak is a daring adventurer and invincible warrior whose legend began when he saved the world in the catacombs of Vallor. It was he who initiated the creation of the Unicorn Alliance and the terrible dream of Akkari. Now the legendary hero takes to the battlefield to lead the warriors of the Alliance to victory.

Legends of Signum Set Moonsisters

Where moonlight merges with the shadows of the eternal forest, the warriors of the Moonsisters dance a warrior’s dance. Their blades slash through the darkness in praise of their celestial patron.

Legends of Signum Set Wolfen Warriors

Wolfen Warriors are the living embodiment of the power of nature and the spirit of the hunt. The fire of honour burns in their hearts and the steel of their swords reflects the light of the moon. 

They fight without fear and live to fight another day. For heroes live forever in legend, and the bones of the fallen will be the foundation upon which new generations will grow.

Legends of Signum SetVestal Huntresses

The Vestal Huntresses call upon the power of Mother Nature to fight the darkness that obscures the light of the moon. Led by the sorceress Dorna, the Stormchaser, a band of archers defends the sacred homelands. The secret plans of their enemies are revealed in the song of the wind, and the wrath of the elements descends upon their troops with a single wave of the staff.

Legends of Signum SetBattle Unicorn

For many centuries, the people of Signum believed that unicorns were extinct. They were just one of the forgotten legends until the Wulfen Serda convinced them to emerge from the ancient thicket and join the battle.

The sharp horns are once again ready to pierce the enemies of Mother Nature.

Ryanor, the Darkhowl

Wulfen Ryanor is the only one to have conquered the legendary battle horn of the ancient Wulfen chieftains.  His terrible song draws the blood of his enemies and strikes terror into their hearts. But the Wulfen and their elven allies are prepared to call it the most beautiful sound in the world. When Ryanor blows his horn, victory for the Unicorn Alliance becomes inevitable.

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